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Fish - to dream not harmed, but big wealth for this do not get. Certainly, in lifes must be a place to philanthropies, charities. Who, as not Fish to entrust a destination? Deal righteous - to spend  the whole salary on poor and homeless. But for good purposes well to earn is necessary, however not any deal is got. You possible vodka to sell, oil (black gold), natural gas. Earn the greater money, which will go on the righteous deal.

 To Disbelieve that money spoil. Honour a worthy dictum Antuana Rivarolya: "Like the Sun, melting wax, but doing hard clay, gold increases a great heart, but forces be compressed measly"... Though, test on the fortress of spirit through the seduction by the wealth, available not each. Frensis Bekon Confirmed: "by means of the greater money, more people is sold, than bathed".

 PS: gilded Fishes, get else astrological advices:

 * earning on the life, use secret ways of attraction of capital (negotiations "backstage").

 * fear people, rubbing in the confidence.  

* less high moral ideal to questions of property.

 * cost (stand) on the land by both legs (will be taken account into Тельцов, do not sink in грезах).

 * for Fish a money - as water, slip away for ever

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