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Sagittarius - does not become to split hairs, require delivery (sometimes itself will gratis take to will split hairs not to pay;). Happen unreasable expenses (generous wasting), likes squander, live not on facilities.

 Some Darts difficult to present "black days" - though people, as a rule, formed (universities finish), on the poverty read in thick books and literate sympathize from  the whole broad showers. ;) Certainly, backses in the purse wallow not beside each Dart, but trends show that they aptly master a tourist business, export-import (exchange operations), and international right. Here is whence money do a little running river (if raise sleeve). Higher education, extension courses, faculties foreign languages - will do its deal, will carry to comfortable waking. Strangely guaranteeing source financial wellfares - writer path. Memoirs And fees, teaching and material love of pupils - will contribute a big contribution to your the savings system. However, remember on generous-mass charity, but that money happiness do not bring. You want happiness? ;-) Then begin be divided. At least knowledges, which what-that cost (stand). At the same time, Will else earn - for instance, respect (philosophical wealth, which for the money do not bathe).  

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