SCALES ― attitude to money



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Scales - without partnership of money not to see. Article of your profits in many depends on social status. Alone more spend, than will earn. For You finance are standard public relations. Wants pleasantly to sit in the theatre, with respected by members to town administrations, by chance will be invited on the dinner party, having bought some more of on the event usual gift with the sense. Politeness, insofar is cheaply valued surrounding, far enough dearly dispenses their owner, т. e. You. Literally for all happens to to pay. So search a partner -a sponsor. Only with he will get to know a taste of material enjoyments. When will disperse not to the fun - begin to put facilities in the art, culture.

 Speak, true beauty does not fades with a time, signifies buy some more of a vapour an small plant on the fabrication of make-up and av. fashionable accessories. If go bust, don't care image beautiful beginning is provided. Money - nothing, image - all... On he will more earn.  

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