TWINS ― attitude to money



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Twins - here is who money occupy a space of imagination. Likes to make with them savvy-trade operations, for instance:

- How much will 6х8?

 - Not understand.

 - I ask, how much will 6х8?

 - But we buy or sell???

 Beautifully manage intermediary deals, is recommended to trade auto, sell newspapers, journals. Someone will object: "twins - a sign of air, signifies it suitable to start money on the wind." Yes, this truth, either as that truth - do money from the air too. Cheat a consumer (us with you). But not all, and not every time. Apropos, they will easier earn and spend between the deal (on the move), than work from morning before morning, in strictly conducted time and place.

 Nature restless, will be poor, if on the place be trampled will begin. Can put money into all that moves. Your money - a quick wit and, copying of someone else successes. Only plagiarism somewhat less. Then and money little more. From the small creek, yes on bread with the mask (upwards). Immediately and all - do not get. Horoscope does not allow.

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