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Virgo - an advice to the people, which else dream to work with this person. It can turn out to be a terrible bore and pedantic thrifty by the skinflint. No, this not greed, but Virgo always curiously enough: "as long and well work people, if little pay and much nag?". Main instinct (exploratory) on the height always. Interesting know where, as how much is, and... to bargain ad infinitum, underbiding price on kopecks (feelling paradise enjoyment).

 Virgo likes to buy worker rig. If that, for the price does not stand. Cans be, teeths on the regiment, but implement of production " where want there and get". Facilities invest, as Twins - in the mentality (knowledges), but not so perfunctorily. Recommended buy library (multivolume) for instance, technical literature: "How to nail a regiment", "get fir tree" and others scientifically-encyclopedic advices. Become rich at least ideally. ;-)

 If for the Taurus fair: "money do money", for you - "work does money", moreover (to the account health) small... Be Enough only on payments for the light, gas and others need lifes. On medicines itself. Other - if trade. Apropos, good work for the Virgo ( nepal hygenic). Else possible put money into the atheletic atheletics. In the own figure, finally. Dipped, if sell.


PS: Can Not restrain itself to not to tell a marketing anecdote about Virgo, which are distinguished detailed super attentiveness and sterility:


Comes a Virgo in the shop.

 - How much is beside you soap?

 - 1 dollar.

 - But floor-soaps?

 - a floor-dollar.

- But quarter of soap?

 - quarter of dollar.

 - I buy this bit. That I else give?

 - gift from the company - a condom.

 - Why?

 - that such buyers did not multiply!

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