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Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin - biography

Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin

Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin (Юрий Алексеевич Гагарин) (1934-1968) — Russia[ru] cosmonaut of the USSR (1961), Colonel, Hero of the Soviet Union (1961). Made the world's first flight into space on the spaceship "Vostok" lasting 1 hour 48 minutes.

Yuri Gagarin was born March 9, 1934 in Gzhatsk (now Gagarin) Gzhatsk (now Gagarin) District, Smolensk region. His mother, Anna Timofeevna and father, Alexei Ivanovich, were ordinary laborers from rural villages Klushino Gzhatsk district.

After the German occupation, the Gagarin family moved in 1945 from Klushino in Gzhatsk. After finishing school, Jura 30 September 1949 entered into a trade school Lubertsy 10, from which he graduated in June 1951 in the specialty molder-caster. 1951 - School of young workers in Lyubertsy (Moscow region).

In August Gagarin enrolled at the Saratov Industrial Technical School. 25 October 1954 started in Saratov flying club. In 1955, he graduated from the Saratov Industrial Technical School, and October 10 of the same year - Saratov Flying Club.

Since 1955, Gagarin - in the Soviet Army. From 1957 to enroll in the cosmonaut served as a fighter pilot in fighter aviation regiment of the Northern Fleet. Had qualified "military pilot 1st class."

October 27th 1957 Yuri Gagarin married Valentina Ivanovna Goriacheva, who became his faithful companion for many years. In their family grew two daughters - Lena (born 10 April 1959) and Galia (born 7 March 1961).

December 26 he was summoned to place a new destination: Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Northern Fleet. Learning about the recruitment of candidates for the test flight of a new technology, YA Gagarin 9 December 1959 wrote a report with a request to enroll him in a group, and after the call on December 18 leaving for Moscow, the Central Research Aviation Hospital for examination health.

3 March 1960 Lieutenant General Kamanin presented Commander Air Chief Marshal of Aviation Vershinin selected group of pilots - cosmonaut candidates.

March 11 Yu Gagarin with his family went to a new place of work, and from March 25 began regular classes in the cosmonaut training program.

12 April 1961 for the first time in human history Yuri Gagarin flew into space on the spaceship "Vostok". Gagarin orbited the earth in one hour 48 minutes and returned safely to the Earth. This flight has opened up a new era of humanity - the era of space exploration. Involved in teaching and training the crews of astronauts. For this feat, he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, and the day of Gagarin's flight into space was declared a holiday - the Day of Cosmonautics, since April 12, 1962.

On 23 May 1961 - commander of the cosmonaut. On December 20, 1963 - Deputy Head of the Cosmonaut Training Center. Understudy pilot spacecraft "Soyuz" (Vladimir Komarov) at the start April 23, 1967.

In 1966 Yuri was elected an honorary member of the International Academy of Astronautics, and in 1964 he was appointed commander of the detachment of Soviet cosmonauts.

17 February 1968 Yuri defended in the name of Professor Zhukovsky VVIA thesis project. State Examinations Commission awarded Colonel Y. Gagarin Pilot-qualified engineer-cosmonaut. Until the last days Gagarin acting deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

In honor of his native Gagarin Gzhatsk was perimenovan in Gagarin. His name will forever remain in the cosmos, he reinvented for mankind, one of the largest craters (diameter 250 km) on the back side of the moon is named after Gagarin. And that is symbolic - it is located between the crater Tsiolkovsky and the Sea of Dreams.

In 1968, the IAF established Gagarin Medal, which is awarded to individuals who have made a special contribution to aviation and space exploration.

Gagarin became a household name for the pioneers in any field of activity on a par with the name of explorer Christopher Columbus. Motto Gagarin became a phrase recorded them in his diary shortly before his death, March 12: "I have no greater desire than the desire to fly. pilot must fly. always fly."

March 27, 1968, he died under mysterious circumstances near the village Novoselovo Kirzhachsky Vladimir region during one of the flight training on the aircraft MiG-15 UTI. He was buried near the Kremlin wall on Red Square.


April 12, 1961 in the Soviet Union launched into orbit around the Earth the world's first satellite-spaceship "Vostok" with a man on board.

Pilot-astronaut spacecraft-satellite "Vostok" is a citizen of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics pilot Major Yuri Gagarin.

Start space multistage rocket was successful and after dialing the first cosmic velocity and separation from the last stage rocket ship satellite launched free flight in orbit around the Earth.

According to preliminary data, the orbital period of the ship-satellite around the Earth is 89.1 minutes, minimum distance from the Earth (perigee) is equal to 175 kilometers, and the maximum distance (apogee) is 302 km, inclination of the orbital plane to the equator 65 degrees 4 minutes.

Weight-satellite spacecraft with pilot-cosmonaut of 4725 pounds, excluding the weight of the final stage of the launch vehicle.

With fellow cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin installed and maintained two-way radio. Frequency airborne shortwave transmitters comprise 9,019 megahertz and 20.006 megahertz, and in the range of VHF 143.625 megahertz. With the help of radio telemetry and television systems made monitoring of astronaut in flight.

Period of breeding, the ship-satellite "Vostok" in orbit, Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut comrade suffered satisfactorily and now feels good. Systems that provide the necessary living conditions in the cabin-satellite are functioning normally...

Video: Start the "Vostok" with the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin

During the launch of the spacecraft sounded the famous replica of Gagarin "Let's go." He circled the globe for 1 h 48 min and returned safely to Earth. For this feat letchkik cosmonaut was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.


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