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Astrologyastrological Astrology
Astrologicalforecast Astrological forecasts  (baby and the others)
nameEnglish name English name



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значение имени General information
Тайна имениженские имена Advices on viewing the site
Тайна имениженские имена About than this site?
значение именмужские имена History of his creation
EnteringIntroduction Introduction
First nameName Name and fates
phenomenonBoris Higir About phenomenon Borisa Higira
FatePredznamenovenie Namesign of the fate?
life of the personrole As role of the name in lifes of the person?
fatepersons mans peoples Affects name on fate of the person?
Familyload Family load
modefashionable name About mode on name
childoption Advices at the option of the name for child
childgave As in past gave name an child
fatherpatronymic name But as you on father?
NameFirst name Name
patronymicdignified By name call, on patronymic name dignified
parentchoice of the name for child Advices parent what name child?
followsbirth What follows to give name on birth of time of the year
Descriptionname Description of the person on his name
Malename Male name
Femininewomen Feminine name
reductionsmeeting Descriptions of the reductions, meeting in description of the names
Patronymic namePatronymic Patronymic name
имена для детейтайны имен What call father a child?
personpatronymic name Description of the person on his patronymic name
Male nameMale patronymic name Male patronymic name
Feminine namewomens Feminine name
Namepatronymic name Name and patronymic name
Descriptionpatronymic name Description of the person on his name - a patronymic name
Malename Male name and patronymic name (А...Е  Ж...Я)
FeminineFeminine name Feminine name and patronymic name (A...K  Л...Я)
desirablecombinations Table of the desirable combinations of the names with patronymic name
Male namepatronymic name Male name and patronymic name
first nameFeminine Feminine name and patronymic name

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