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The test - on how many you are old actually

На сколько вы стары на самом деле?


Scientists of university Djuka have framed the small list of indicators of the health providing longevity. With statistical reliability it is possible to assert, that the people having high indicators, can expect to live more longly an average. Certainly, more exact result can be received, having added the test full medical examination, however and the informal approach can help to learn much about itself. Try to answer questions as more as possible fairly and objectively.

Factors are listed as their relative importance.

1. Cardiologic diseases

Who from your parents, grandmas and grandfathers transferred premature heart attack or an infarct (till 60 years):

Anybody — 10 points;

One or two — 5 points;

Three or more — 0 points

Last time I had a cholesterol level: excellent (less than 200 mg) — 10 points;

Average (220 mg) — 5 points;

Bad (over 240 mg) - 0 points

Last time I had a blood pressure.

Excellent (120/70) — 10 points

Quite good (130/90) - 5 points

Bad (140/95) — 0 points

(For best accuracy it is necessary to measure pressure three times within days)

2. Satisfaction work

Going in the morning for work, I feel:

Ready to new feats — 10 points

Ready to work, but without special enthusiasm — 5 points

Not interested — eventually it only work — 0 points

3. Smoking

For last five years I: did not smoke at all — 10 points;

Smoked from time to time — 5 points;

Smoked constantly — 0 points

4. A physical condition

For definition of a physical condition there is a set of indicators, such as coordination of movements, efficiency of functions of breath, speed of reactions, activity of system of a circulation etc. For a self-rating compare the present physical form to that, that was at you 10 years ago.

I feel:

Practically as — 10 points;

Something has worsened — 5 points;

I had a necessity to resort to treatment — 0 points

5. Satisfaction a life

In general recently my life develops:

Very successfully — 10 points;

Not bad — 5 points;

Not better, than at others — 0 points

6. A self-rating of a state of health

This year a condition of my health:

Excellent — 10 points;

Good — 5 points;

Average or bad — 0 points *?

7. I.Q.

In my opinion, for the last year intelligence.

Has not changed — 10 points

Has changed slightly — 5 points

Memory and ingenuity became worse — 0 points


The indicator "perfectly" (90 points) is said that you will live more longly, than by any average citizen (approximately 78 years for women and 72 years for men).

The indicator above an average (from 65 to 90 points) testifies that you can live for 3 years more longly average statistical digit or more if you were tested in advanced age.

The average index (45-65 points) speaks about average life expectancy.

The indicator below an average (40 points) says that you need to pay more attention to the health. It, however, not an occasion to a panic as if you follow Ayurveda programs, your indicators will soon raise.

To receive more exact estimation of a state of health, you need to take into consideration following factors:


It is necessary to take into consideration your age during test passage. If to you for 50 years the indicator of 75-90 points says about very high probability of that you — a long-liver. The same indicator in 30 years is less significant.

Your vital style and habits

With other things being equal the regular way of life correlates with longevity. It is a question of a regular 3-single food, about the daily 8-sentry a dream — at a time etc. The people who are married, as a rule, live more longly, than lonely. Alcohol consumption should be minimum if not zero — an alcoholism reduces life term.


Is better to have ideal weight though superfluous 4-6 kgs of a body are not threat. Fatness reduces a life, and dangerous level are 15 % of excess weight. Should disturb also sharp fluctuations of weight in a current of several years.

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