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Watch - dependence of character of the person on its watch


Expensive watch

If at you on a hand expensive watch - means you love and be able to work, work there, where to you to liking. You are disciplined and organised, appreciate time and achieve considerable successes in the chosen field.

Fashionable watch

If at you the watch made by the author or known fashionable firm with instructions of the logo of the well-known designer or the fashion designer you love elegance, accuracy. Do not transfer, when things not on the places.

Watch executed by the jeweller

Your hours are built in in a bracelet from stones or in pendent, a charm, a ring. You are sociable, love dialogue and chatter with friends, aspire to new impressions and meetings.

Strange watch

Strange watch are such hours on which two dials, inconceivable adaptations and details, for example, horoscopal indexes of phases of the Moon etc. In that case you are playful, smiling and like to laugh, draws, do not hasten to leave a children's spontaneity.

The super sophisticated heaped up watch

If your watch have the built in calculator, an alarm clock, an electronic notebook, that is all in one bottle, it is possible to tell confidently, that at you active mind, you quickly get tired from monotonous work, prefer curious problems, love look with technical novelties.

Watch with the Roman numbering

Most likely you love classical music, good restaurants, are conservative enough and accurate in clothes. You are distinguished by punctuality and pedantry.

Usual digital watch

You the person searching and artistic, always think out any new decision of an old problem. You believe, that from fast actions there is more than advantage. In clothes you prefer good quality.

Watch with marks instead of figures

You perfectly know, that want from a life, at you business, sharp mind. You are hard for overpersuading.

If you do not carry watch

You are easy on lifting and are completely not lazy. You can be carried to those people, which without ceremony rise among night to be engaged in any interesting business. You are capable to find the best decision of a problem, though, probably, and not the fastest. (Authors: Anna Vorontsova and Alina Poljanskaja)

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