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Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitskiy — biography

Anatoly Yunitskiy

Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitskiy (this article is in Russian — Анатолий Эдуардович Юницкий) — is a Russian[ru] scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. Member (academician) of the public Russian Academy of natural Sciences[ru]. Chairman of the Board of Directors, General designer of String technologies CJSC (Minsk, Republic of Belarus) and SkyWay international group of companies. Zodiac sign — Aries.

The developer of the project String transport Unitsky, the inventor of the technology Sky Way. The Creator of the geocosmic transport system, as well as a number of transport and infrastructure projects based on string technologies. President of the international Skyway group of companies. Head of two United Nations projects. Member of the USSR[ru] Federation of cosmonautics. Author of more than 140 inventions, 18 monographs and more than 200 scientific works. General Director — General designer of Eurasia Rail Skyway Systems Ltd., London, UK[ru].


Anatoly Eduardovich created many different inventions — new types of weapons, aircraft, power plants, etc. But 30 years ago he decided that it was necessary not to pursue a large number of inventions, but to take part in the program of saving humanity by bringing the entire dangerous industry and industry into space. Now nobody will Finance this program — neither NASA, nor Roscosmos, neither the UN, nor oligarchs, nor the government therefore Yunitskiy decided that it is necessary to earn money and to carry out financing of this global and necessary project. I chose the strongest project of the many existing ones and began to implement it life[ru], creating SkyWay to commercialize it.

Yunitskiy's string transport (abbreviated STU) — is a project of a transport system based on a rail of a special design using several stretched steel cables. The string road requires less raw materials than the railway, is very low-demand to the bearing surface and ensures the safety of goods in case of accidents. The project should allow to vary the properties of the rail for different applications, and in each of the options to preserve the freedom of choice of the rolling stock, its drive and speed (up to the permissible on this type of rail).

Sky Way (earlier — "String transport Unitsky") is an elevated transport system, in which the movement is organized by means of pendant, pre-stressed by stretching continuous string of rails mounted between the supports. String rail is characterized by high strength, rigidity, evenness, manufacturability and installation, low material consumption and a wide range of operating temperatures. The lifting of the track structure above the surface will prevent the collision of the rolling stock of the string transport system with pedestrians, animals and vehicles, which is the main cause of accidents on traditional transport. The location of the track structure above the ground is crucial to reduce the cost of construction, for the most careful attitude to the environment, as well as to ensure the highest level of safety in transport.

SkyWay is not only transport, but also the basis for the formation of a new global infrastructure, in which transport will cease to be the cause of environmental pollution and the death of millions of people, but will be an effective, affordable, comfortable and safe means of transportation. The speed in such transport can reach 500 km/h, and its movement is regulated automatically.

According to data published in 2014 in Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Sky Way was included in the top 50 largest startups.

Sky Way calendars in Russian:

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Biography Of Anatoly Yunitskiy

Anatoly Yunitskiy was born on April 16, 1949 in a difficult post-war time, in the village of Kryuki, Komarinsky district, Gomel region, in Belarus. Already in childhood[ru] Tolik showed curiosity and ingenuity. From improvised substances invented gunpowder, aircraft, etc. while Still in school № 3, he was fond of modeling: the boy designed a model of a three-stage rocket, from available materials invented gunpowder, etc. And the model of the rocket was acting: in the third compartment of the young inventor with friends planted a living "astronaut" — a living mouse, attached to the compartment of a miniature parachute and launched a rocket into the sky. After the separation of the third stage of the mouse on a parachute landed on the ground, remaining unharmed. For this invention in the 10th grade Anatoly received a commendation from the Director of the school, and later — a diploma from the regional RONO for the 1st place at the city exhibition of children's technical and visual creativity of students in 1965. This invention was a working model — a rocket launcher.

One of the most vivid childhood memories was another rocket launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome. Then he and his mother and sister lived in Kazakhstan, in the small town of St. Nicholas under the small house, only two hundred kilometers from Baikonur. Once sitting in a summer cinema, Anatoly, along with the rest of the audience noticed how near the screen rushed into the sky a burning candle, which rose higher and higher, and then disappeared into the dark sky. Residents already knew: there was a rocket launch, which will be known to the world tomorrow.

That summer was very dry, there was no rain for several months. And suddenly, some time after the launch of the rocket, a heavy rain fell on the ground. People were happy about the long-awaited rain, but Anatoly was not happy. He linked the launch of the rocket with the sudden rain and came to the conclusion that there is nothing to rejoice: it was an artificial rain caused by the rupture of the ozone shell of the Earth[ru]. This rain was contrary to the laws of nature, and yunitskiy, who studied the works of the scientist and inventor, the founder of modern cosmonautics Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, was very upset.

He graduated from high school in Kazakhstan, worked for a year in a geophysical expedition near Baikonur, in a closed area — a worker and a plumber. There he saw a huge number of fragments of missiles, blocks and entire hulls – these were the remains of the first stages of the missiles, which after the launch fell to the ground. Yunitskiy also learned that rocket fuel is a real poison, several times more poisonous than potassium cyanide. It was at this time that he had a thought: is it possible to use some other way of flying into space, without missiles? But then how? This thought haunted him for several years, forced him to look for the possibility of human space flight in a less costly and harmful way.

The future great inventor entered the Tyumen industrial Institute. After studying there for a year, Yunitskiy transferred to the newly formed in Tyumen Institute of civil engineering, choosing the faculty of road, as it was an opportunity to get an education related to transport. Received in 1973, higher education on a speciality "the engineer of means of communication", a young professional working in the road-construction companies, design offices, design Institute, research institutes of Belarus in the positions of lead engineer and lead designer. In 1985 he received his second higher education.

In 1986, Anatoly Eduardovich was admitted to the Federation of cosmonautics of the USSR, having developed a project of a non-rocket vehicle based on string technologies, the essence of which was to leave the Earth in space. Two years later, in 1988 in Gomel, in Belarus Yunitskiy together with the all-Union society "Knowledge" and the Federation of cosmonautics of the USSR organized and held the first in the Soviet Union scientific and practical conference, which brought together about 500 participants, which discussed the problems of non-rocket space exploration. After the conference, with the support and funding of the USSR state cinema, a documentary film "In the sky on a wheel" was made, dedicated to the author STU. The film was shot in two languages: Russian for demonstration in the USSR and English for demonstration abroad.

In 1988, Yunitskiy left the civil service and the grant received in the Soviet peace Fund, as well as with the support of the Federation of cosmonautics of the USSR created in Gomel for the implementation of their inventions Center of Scientific and technical creativity of youth, calling it "Star world". Since that time, the scientist has been fully immersed in the work on two main projects based on RSW Systems technologies: the project on the creation of innovative surface transport and the project on non-rocket space exploration, brilliantly demonstrating to the scientific community a fundamentally new approach to the issue of space exploration based on the laws of physics.

During the hard and fruitful work, Yunitskiy conducted dozens of serious scientific research, created many scientific and technical developments, two of which were funded by UN grants. Basically, the scientist conducted and continues to conduct research at his own expense.

Unique works of Anatoly Eduardovich were widely presented at many scientific exhibitions, forums and symposia both in Russia and around the world. More than 30 times his inventions have been awarded. The scientist published six monographs, created and patented more than sixty inventions on RSW-technologies and more than a hundred know-how. The scientific world highly appreciated the results of his works, confirming that they have no analogues in the world.

In 2001, the Unitran Foundation, headed by Anatoly Yunitskiy, built the world's first experimental STU section, which is a full-scale fragment of the string transport system with a length of 150 meters with a height of supports up to 15 m, a maximum span of 48 m and a mass of mobile load up to 15 tons. As a result of comprehensive testing, the developer had the opportunity to perform design and survey work industrial production of rail-string system, supports, rolling stock of freight and passenger structure, and also on development of specific passenger and freight routes on the basis of RSW technologies.

During the period of his scientific activity from 1977 to 2011, A. E. Yunitskiy attracted about three million us dollars to innovative string technologies, which in terms of today is equal to about 300 million us[ru] dollars. At the same time, independent experts estimated the value of the exclusive rights to inventions and know-how of the scientist in the amount of more than 200 billion us dollars. The assessment was carried out by licensed domestic and foreign companies that have the right to assess intangible assets, which include intellectual property.

The creation and development of yunitskiy's projects using RSW Systems technologies is just beginning. Skyway transport will be implemented in the next few years, in the future it is planned to implement the project on non-rocket space exploration.

The scientific path of modern scientists is not always smooth, as it was in the past. Unique developments of Anatoly yunitskiy, despite their obvious advantages, are introduced into life not as quickly as the scientist planned. However, their undoubted relevance in the light of modern realities and obvious superiority over traditional transport allows us to hope that in the near future humanity will appreciate the advantage of high-speed, environmentally friendly and safe transport, which can significantly improve the quality of our lives and preserve the ecology of the planet.

"In my youth, I admired the idea of space flights, but soon realized that first we need to establish the infrastructure on our planet and solve transport problems, — said Yunitskiy. — Unlike Henry Ford, who dreamed of the globe being surrounded by automotive roads, I want all continents to have safe, economical and eco-friendly overpass-type string roads for intercity, suburban and intercity transportation. That is why in 2014 we created Skyway Technologies Co.".

"The cars burn billions of tons of fuel, which causes problems with the environment: the destruction of the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect — emphasizes Yunitskiy. — In combination with factors such as human security, population growth and the increase in the number of private cars, it has pushed us to develop a new paradigm in the form of transport, devoid of all these shortcomings. In the major world capitals, the construction of our string roads will help people to spend three times less time on trips. I believe in the success of the project, because we create an ideal transport, and already show it in Ecotechnopark in Maryina Gorka (about 63 km South-East of Minsk). There are four test sites that meet the most stringent requirements. To date, four models of rolling stock have been certified in Belarus" (note.: as of June 2019).

Anatoly Eduardovich is a very erudite person and shows deep knowledge in: higher physics, higher mathematics, industrial engineering, structural mechanics, theory of elasticity, design and construction of reinforced concrete, wooden, steel bridges. Knows ergonomics, aerodynamics, patent law, Finance, Economics, transport industry from and to (including competing systems), etc. Has education: railway engineer, patent law and invention, design of high-rise buildings and infrastructure structures. All this gives him the opportunity to give birth to truly brilliant inventions (see below), like the first Russian scientist-naturalist of world importance Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov[ru], also had a diverse knowledge in science and technology.

In 2001, in the city of ozyory, Moscow region, with the financial support of the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Ivanovich Lebed was built a test stand STU — the first full-scale test section of the freight rail-string transport system. At the test site, testing of design works, construction technology, static and dynamic loading of superstructures by the calculated mobile load and the impact of natural and climatic factors on the prestressed transport overpass was carried out.

For a long time, a colleague of Anatoly Eduardovich in the construction and implementation of string transport was Sergei Anatolyevich Sibiryakov — Russian politician, economist, Director of planning and development of Skyway company for the implementation of breakthrough transport technology, which should later replace air, railway and motor transport. These two people, who play a large role in the company, met at the Ministry when Sibiryakov was working in the state[ru] service. Their acquaintance took place on yunitskiy's Birthday — in 2001. April 16, 2000, Sunday Yunitskiy came to Sibiryakova, casually reported the birthday[ru] party. Then directly there in the Ministry they laid a table, well got acquainted. Sergey Anatolyevich learned very well about all the nuances of Skyway technology. This meeting changed the whole life of Sibiryakov, and he was very glad that fate brought him to the great engineer, inventor and designer.

Now any person can buy shares of this company at a large discount, which are now at the start cost thousands, but can cost millions, as was the case with Google, Facebook, Yandex, Eypl and other companies, which gave humanity the undoubted real benefits. Sergey Anatolyevich and Anatoly Eduardovich also held free weekly webinars on economic and technical topics and what awaits humanity in the near future (you only need to register for free).

On 12 April 2002, at a joint meeting of the scientific and technical Council of the Ministry of transport and the Ministry of transport, the IPU recognized that Skyway transport is a reality that can be criticized, but it cannot be ignored: too many people need it. A second United Nations grant was received through the establishment of the test site. The main result of the work at the landfill is the development of string transport of the next generations.

9 Sep 2014 the municipality of šiauliai city in the face of the acting mayor Algimantas of Beinaravicius and CEO of the company Rail Skyway Systems, the General designer is not having analogues in the world the transportation system SkyWay — Anatoly Unitsky, signed an agreement on the allocation of 30 Hectares of land for the construction of the test site. Under the signed agreement, the plot was leased for 99 years, after signing the contract the company is exempt from land tax for ten years. By 2017. the company had to create at least 50 new jobs and invest at least LTL 20 million. Until 2019, the company committed to create 500 jobs and in the process of its development planned to invest 260 million euros in Lithuania.

On April 14, 2015, a delegation of the SkyWay group of companies headed by Anatoly yunitskiy visited the Department of transport of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (the capital of the United Arab Emirates) to conduct the second stage of negotiations on the implementation of string technologies and transport and infrastructure facilities in the UAE, as well as to demonstrate the socio-economic effect of the use of SkyWay technologies (transport, urban construction, eco-agriculture).

October 25, 2015 in Moscow hosted the Anniversary international forum Sky Way Invest Group. The plenary report was made by Anatoly Eduardovich.

The benefits for the country from cooperation with Rail Skyway Systems are huge: the city plans to create at least 500 jobs for representatives of various professions: engineers, architects, builders, designers. The country was to receive benefits for the construction of existing routes, as well as the possibility of increasing the volume of financial turnover, which would undoubtedly have a positive impact on the economy of Lithuania, and the city-forming enterprise in Siauliai would bring the city to the level of Silicon valley or Detroit. Before signing the rental agreement, the company transferred to the account of the municipality a security Deposit in the amount of 1 000 000 litas (290,000 Euros).

Later, according to some due to the pressure of Lithuania rejected the company in the placement on its territory ecotechnopark. Then the company received a plot of land for the construction of a demonstration center on the site of the former tank range in Belarus on Maryina Gorka, where active construction is currently being carried out.

On September 14, 2016, Anatoly Eduardovich, General Director and General designer of Skyway technologies CJSC, held talks with Dorothea Jaeger, Director General of the Swiss consulting company Castor Consulting AG, and Rajwinder Singh, representative of the Indian community in Switzerland. During the negotiations, the advantages of SkyWay technology in comparison with other transport systems, for example, with cable cars, which are currently widely used in mountainous areas, were discussed. They also discussed the construction of Skyway transport and infrastructure complexes in India, in the highlands in the state of Himachal Pradesh in the North of the country. Addressed the issue of implementing the concept of smart city ("smart city") and the construction of the transport system SkyWay in the city Dharmsala, where the residence of the Dalai Lama. Following the talks, it was decided to continue cooperation and to consider the possibility of the visit of representatives of JSC "String technology" to India.

On May 26, 2017, the Vilnius regional Prosecutor's office decided to stop the pre-trial investigation aimed at identifying signs of illegal financial activity in the work of organizations created by Anatoly Yunitskiy in Lithuania. The decision of the Executive body recognizes that during the investigation there was no evidence confirming suspicions of unfair management practices of companies that intended to create a demonstration and certification center of Skyway transport in Lithuania. All applicable temporary restrictions on ownership of funds, securities and other property in the accounts of these organizations have been removed.

To ensure that all the company's activities took place in a single environment, SkyWay moved to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, developed by Dassault Systmes. This makes it possible to cope with all the difficulties associated with the design of complex structures and devices.

On June 4, 2018, the unicar U4-430-T3 arrived at the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, at the test center in Belarus, to begin the first sea trials, first for commissioning (preparatory) work, and then for the first sea trials on the track structure. Unicar is a model of public transport, each section of which is equipped with seats for six passengers. In the U4-430-T3 unicar, there are three such sections, but their number can be increased for more passenger traffic. Unicar was first presented in October 2017 at the Transport and Logistics exhibition in Minsk. Today (note: in 2021), the UAE is testing the Unicar U4-431-01 or tropical Unicar, an improved model for working in the climatic conditions of the Middle East.

On June 21, 2019, Belarus hosted the II international scientific and technical conference "Rocket-free space industrialization: problems, ideas, projects". It was attended by the inventors, representatives of academic and scientific circles, public organizations of Belarus and foreign countries, including the UK, Germany, Peru, India, United Arab Emirates, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Slovakia and Estonia.

The need for large-scale industrialization of space is due to the global environmental problems faced by mankind. In the biosphere of the Earth there are negative changes caused by the activities of modern technocratic civilization. Unless drastic action is taken, we are all doomed to perish within two or three generations. The solution was proposed by the main speaker — Belarusian engineer and inventor Anatoly Yunitskiy, the Creator of Skyway string transport technology, which is now showing interest in dozens of countries, including the UAE, where the project is included in the infrastructure development strategy. He spoke about His spaceway space program, the essence of which is to take out all harmful production into Earth's orbit and begin the industrialization of space. Then the biosphere will be freed from the negative influence of the technosphere, and man will have at his disposal the unlimited resources of the cosmos. However, traditional methods of space exploration are not suitable for this task. "The existing rocket transport causes huge damage to the environment and is economically inefficient. A new generation of geocosmic transport should play a decisive role in the industrialization of space," Anatoly Eduardovich stressed. He presented the project OTS (General Planetary vehicle) - geocosmic transport of the future, which will differ favorably from modern rocket solutions high speed, environmental friendliness (it runs on electricity) and efficiency. In the future, OTS will be able to provide an annual cargo flow of millions and billions of tons between Earth and orbit.

Mikhail Khazin's attitude to high-speed transport uSky Transport

In November 2021, Russian economist Mikhail Khazin visited the uSky Testing and Certification Center in the Middle East, in the UAE. Yunitskiy gave him a presentation about the possibilities of uSky's transport and infrastructure technologies and demonstrated a fully certified innovative tropical uCar in action. The economist visited the control room with the uSky software and hardware complex and control system, where he was able to personally verify the safety and reliability of uCar and make a trial trip in a new vehicle.

After the uCar trip, Khazin and Yunitskiy visited the uSky Transport demonstration pavilion, where the latest UFlash model is presented. This is a high-speed electric vehicle designed for intercity and international transportation on rail-string overpasses at speeds up to 500 km/h.

Mikhail Leonidovich professionally assessed the economic advantages of uSky transport and infrastructure technologies as the most cost-effective system compared to other modes of transport, which is also confirmed by the conclusion of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Compared to an airplane, uSky transport will be 3.3 times more cost–effective, 2.5-3.1 times more cost-effective than a high-speed railway, and 9.6 times more cost-effective than a Transrapid magnetic cushion train. And compared to a passenger car[ru], energy consumption will be 31 times less.

One of the important advantages noted by the guest from Russia, where a cold climate prevails in most of the country[ru], was the versatility of the uSky transport design, which is applicable in various climatic conditions: both in the cold regions of Russia at temperatures from -40 C, and in the hot deserts of the UAE with air temperatures up to +60 C. Dear guest from Russia was impressed by what he saw, leaving his positive feedback in the guest book."

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Михаил Хазин и Анатолий Юницкий

Why the SkyWay will be replaced by air, road and rail transport?

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10 main quotes from Anatoly Yunitskiy's speech at EcoFest 2020

On October 23, 2020, the annual presentation of EcoFest 2020 string technologies was held, which this year was held for the first time in an online format. According to tradition, the founder of the SkyWay project Anatoly Yunitskiy spoke at the presentation, who told about the results the company has achieved over the past year, and what the project is waiting for next year.

Ten main quotes of the inventor of string transport:

In July 2022, at the end of EXPO 2020 in the United Arab Emirates, Anatoly Yunitskiy gave an interview in which he spoke about the increased interest in UST Inc.'s transport and infrastructure solutions[ru].

Awards, recognition, patents and the work of Anatoly yunitskiy

1987 (to be published);

1987 (to be published);

1995-2014 (material is being prepared for publication).

October 4, 2016 on the website of "RZD–partner" under the authorship of yunitskiy published a publication that instantly became the theme of the day. The Creator of the Skyway transport spoke about the obvious parallel between the Chinese transport "innovation" and the German h-Bahn project, with which the President of the SkyWay group of companies "has his own history".

July 23, 2019 in the Belarusian newspaper "Star" published a large article on the problems of industrialization of near space — "Pigtail Baron Munchausen to face the planet Earth" (pdf-file 900 KB).

Versions of the yunitskiy string transport

Versions of the yunitskiy string transport


About self-isolation and Skyway string transport - A. Yunitskiy:

Presentation of Skyway transport technology

Hollywood star Steven Seagal visited ecotechnopark, took a ride on SkyWay transport and expressed his opinion about the technology

Visualization of SkyWay transport on the example of Yekaterinburg

SkyWay unitrak sea trials

Visualization of the SkyWay transport system

Features of the SkyWay cargo transport complex

Visualization of the SKY WAY transport system

TV VESTI - interview with yunitskiy

Film: Sky roads of yunitskiy

One day in the life of A. E. Yunitskiy

Not only people are interested in the innovative project of Skyway transport technologies :)

In the photo: Yunitskiy and the Maine Coon cat

Anatoly Yunitskiy with the cat: Innovative transportation technologies project SkyWay, they are not the only people


In russian language:

In italian language:

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