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Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin - biography

Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin

Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin (this article is in RussianМихаил Владимирович Мишустин) — Russian statesman, full state[ru] adviser of the Russian Federation class I, head of the Russian tax service from 2010 to 2020, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation since January 16, 2020, doctor of economic Sciences[ru]. Zodiac sign — Pisces.

Mikhail Mishustin was born on March 3, 1966 in Moscow. His father worked at Sheremetyevo airport, where he was the Secretary of the Komsomol, in the security service (later in JSC Aeromash-Aviation security, now-JSC Sheremetyevo Security), his mother - in a medical institution.

Mikhail graduated from secondary school # 7 in Lobna, almost on "excellent". He is a system engineer by education. In 1989, Mikhail Vladimirovich received higher education at the Moscow state technological University "Stankin", and then, in 1992, he also completed postgraduate studies there.


Mishustin started his career at the Moscow computer club (MCC), a non — profit organization that promoted advanced high-tech technologies from all over the world in Russia[ru] at that time. After coming here, he was quickly moved from the position of head of the test laboratory to the head of the entire club. In this status, he managed to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with such major foreign companies as Intel, Adobe, and Motorola, and for the first time to attract them to work in Russia. Here, at the ICC, he worked until 1998, when he was invited to the Federal tax service of Russia as an assistant to the head of information technology. In this position, he oversaw the operation of systems for accounting and controlling the receipt of tax revenues.

However, Mikhail Mishustin did not stay in this status for long, and just a few months later he was appointed Deputy Minister of the tax service. At that time, this position was held by Boris Grigoryevich Fedorov. Having worked here until 2004, Mikhail Vladimirovich was able to significantly improve the work of the tax service in those years, equipping it with high-quality equipment, as well as introducing a large number of innovations in its work – "one window", INN, EDS, etc. Under his leadership, all the regional offices of the Federal tax service were integrated into a single information network, and the first data processing centers (data centers) were created, which opened up new opportunities for further automation.

From here, in March 2004, Mikhail Mishustin moved to the position of head of ROSNEDVIZHIMOSTI (Federal Agency for real estate cadastre), which is part of the Ministry of economic development. Here, in just 2 years, he managed to conduct a widespread assessment of Russian lands and introduce the long-awaited land tax, which was based no longer on the normative value of land[ru], but on the cadastral value.

Then Mikhail Vladimirovich continues to work as a civil servant and goes to the Federal Agency for the management of special economic zones, which he headed from December 2006 to February 2008. During this short period of time, he managed to open 3 technical and implementation special economic zones (in Zelenograd, Tomsk and Dubna) and 2 industrial production zones (in Lipetsk and Alabuga), as well as implement the "one window"principle in the Agency's work.

Starting in February 2008, M. V. Mishustin left the civil service for a while and went into the investment business, or rather-to the UFG group of companies, the main founder of which was Boris Grigoryevich Fedorov, his former head of the Federal tax service of Russia. Here Mishustin performed in two roles — as a managing partner at UFG Asset Management and as President of UFG Capital Partners.

However, his entrepreneurial career ended quite quickly. On April 6, 2010, Mikhail Mishustin was appointed head of the Federal tax service of Russia. Since taking this position, he has mainly placed bets on automating internal and external business processes of the tax service and introducing the most advanced technologies into it. Due to these measures, he planned to achieve a significant increase in tax collections to the Federal and consolidated budgets, increase their transparency, and increase loyalty to the Russian Federal tax service, which at that time had a strong reputation as a bureaucratic, completely unfriendly structure to taxpayers.

For the first couple of years of working as Russian head FNS Michael Mishustin has been able to fundamentally change the size of the tax revenues flowing into Russian coffers and reputation on taxpayers. Today, the Russian tax service is one of the most modernized state structures in Russia. Tax offices with endless queues are probably a thing of the past-now they are equipped with advanced technology, electronic queues, and are United in a single all-Russian information network, but most importantly, most of the communications between taxpayers and the Federal tax service are now transferred to the Internet space[ru]. The website of the tax service now has a large number of electronic services that allow you to solve many issues, including paying taxes, without leaving your own computer. Mishustin also built several large data Centers, thanks to which the Federal tax service is now able to receive tax data from all over Russia in electronic form and in the shortest possible time, as well as use cloud technologies for their processing and storage.

The introduction of advanced technologies in the work of the Federal tax service allowed Mishustin to annually increase tax revenues to the budget. Even the economic crisis in the country in 2015-2016 and political sanctions that led to a serious drop in oil prices did not prevent the increase in collection rates. In total, over the first 5 years of operation, they were increased by 16%, taking into account inflation.

The introduction of innovative technologies in the work of the Federal tax service allowed Mishustin to annually increase tax collections to the budget. Even the economic crisis that broke out in Russia in 2015-2016, and political sanctions that led to a serious drop in oil prices, did not prevent the increase in collection rates. In total, over the first 5 years of operation, they were increased by 16%, taking into account inflation.

On the photo: Presentation of Michael mishustina in a joint workshop by OECD and IOTA report

Mikhail Mishustin's presentation at the joint OECD-IOTA seminar

Today, the technologies introduced by Mikhail Mishustin are closely watched by the heads of tax services in many countries, including the main world powers-the United States[ru], Germany, the United Kingdom[ru], Australia, etc. Mikhail Vladimirovich himself, since 2013, has been the Deputy Chairman of the OECD tax administration forum Bureau, which is now the most authoritative in the world.

In the photo: Mikhail Mishustin presents to Vladimir Putin[ru] the results of the Department's work for the first quarter of 2017

Mikhail Mishustin presents to Vladimir Putin the results of the Department's work for the first quarter of 2017

The head of the Russian tax service, Mishustin, has held his current post since April 2010. During this time, he was able to achieve a significant increase in tax revenues without raising interest rates, as well as seriously modernize the Agency entrusted to him, making it one of the most advanced state structures in Russia.

Mikhail Vladimirovich achieved these results mainly due to the introduction of high technologies in the Federal tax service of Russia, the automation of the service and the maximum transfer of interaction between it and taxpayers to the Internet space. Thanks to these measures, Mishustin managed to significantly increase business loyalty to the Federal tax service, get rid of queues in the tax service offices, make communications transparent and convenient for all parties to the process, reduce the number of on-site tax inspections by several times, minimize unjustified VAT refunds, and much more.

HSE rector Yaroslav Ivanovich Kuzminov told RT: "I know Mikhail Mishustin as an effective Manager who can implement ambitious projects in a short time. He is one of the most successful managers in the public sector. the results of his work in the Federal tax service are clearly visible to businesses and citizens. It has great academic potential. Mikhail Vladimirovich is a person who is perfectly able to work for results, achieve rapid and effective changes, and carry out large-scale digital transformations. HSE is well aware of this, since in 2008 he became the inspiration, organizer, and research Director of the Institute of real estate Economics (HSE Institute of tax management and real estate Economics). - RT).

On January 15, 2020, Vladimir Putin proposed Mikhail Mishustin, head of the Federal tax service, as Prime Minister. As the Kremlin press service reported: "President Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Mikhail Mishustin and offered him the position of Prime Minister. Having secured his consent, he submitted Mishustin's candidacy for the post of Prime Minister to the state Duma for consideration."

Dmitry Medvedev, who headed the government earlier, announced the resignation of the entire Cabinet of Ministers in connection with the proposed changes to the Constitution[Text] by the President.

On January 16, 2020, the State Duma approved Mikhail Vladimirovich as Prime Minister. 383 deputies supported his candidacy in an open vote, no one opposed it, and 41 lawmakers abstained. On the same day, Putin signed a decree appointing Mishustin as Prime Minister.

On January 16, 2020, he was approved as a permanent member of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

On January 31, 2020, Russian Prime appointed Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova as the head of the operational headquarters for the prevention and spread of a new type of coronavirus[ru] in the Russian Federation.

On April 30, 2020, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin became ill with the COVID-19 coronavirus[ru] infection and went into self-isolation. He reported this to President Vladimir Putin.

On July 1, 2021, Mikhail Vladimirovich met with Andrey Valeryevich Ryumin, CEO of PJSC ROSSETI, at the Moscow Government House.


Family, Hobbies

Father - Vladimir Moiseevich Mishustin (born October 25, 1939 in Polotsk, Vitebsk region, in Belarus.

Mother - Luisa Mikhailovna (b. March 25, 1942 in Kotlas, Arkhangelsk region.

Sister - Natalia Stenina (b. May 27, 1970).

Mikhail Mishustin is married. Wife - Vladlena Yuryevna Mishustina (born January 2, 1976). In this marriage, the couple born[ru] three sons.

He is fond of hockey and is also a member of the Supervisory Board of the CSKA hockey club.

Professionals (about hockey) - performed by Vladimir Vysotsky

Scientific activity

In addition to managing the Federal tax service, Mikhail Mishustin is also engaged in research and is a doctor of Economics. Today, he combines his main work with scientific guidance at The Institute of real estate Economics, which was opened on his initiative, as well as at the Financial University under the government of Russia (Faculty of taxes and taxation).

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Mihail Vladimirovich Mishustin

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Mishka, where's your smile — Margarita Suvorova
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