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All-Russian Reading Day — description and history of the holiday

All-Russian Reading Day

The All-Russian Reading Day (this article is in Russian - Всероссийский день чтения) is celebrated on October 9. The holiday is designed to return Russia[ru] to the status of the most reading country[ru], attract everyone's attention to reading[ru] and awaken love[ru] for books. On this day, as a rule, there are excursions to libraries, exhibitions of publications for children, reading lessons, quizzes, themed games with contests, various promotions are held.

This date is quite young. For the first time, the holiday was celebrated in 2007 — then the national reading program was adopted on November 24. Since then, various events and holidays promoting reading have been organized in all regions of the country[ru] at this time of the year. "To deepen interest in the book, to satisfy the need for reading" is the main task of libraries. After all, a reading person has a larger amount of memory, analyzes information faster, has a creative imagination, and clearly states his thoughts.

Ekaterina Sergeevna Gagarina, literature teacher:

Probably, one of the most unusual All-Russian holidays is Reading Day. It emerged in 2007 at the same time as the adoption of the National Reading Program. The holiday is celebrated on October 9 by everyone who loves to read, who loves to inhale[ru] the smell of books, who has already decided on their favorite works and who is still waiting to meet them.

In 2020, the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion conducted a telephone survey of Russian citizens on the topic of reading. It was revealed that almost a third of Russians (30%) have not read a single book in a year. 44% have read from one to five books. And only a quarter of Russians can be attributed to inveterate readers who have mastered more than five books in a year.

In the middle of the 20th century, the inhabitants of Russia were considered the most reading nation, and the book was the best gift. Now the palm belongs to Iceland. By the way, they still have a tradition of exchanging books as Christmas[ru] gifts.

Reading is one of the most useful hobbies that allows you to better understand yourself and the world around you. Many studies have proven that reading makes us happier, smarter, more responsive and can even prevent the development of diseases[ru], such as Alzheimer's disease.

Therefore, as part of the celebration of the All-Russian Reading Day, we bring to your attention "Interesting facts about reading" prepared by the library staff. We hope that the selected facts will bring you even more pleasure from reading!

Interesting facts about reading

Poem reading

Take a book just to look through,
And what's in it — it will immediately become interesting.
You'll want to read it faster.
Read — it's fashionable and useful!

Reading Day

Boris Slutsky:

It doesn't matter how many books have been read,
But it matters for a very long time
Daily, nightly reading,
Nightly — with a lamp lit — out the window.

And while the circle from the lamp on the round table
Turns off only at late dawn,
Everything is fine on a round and bright Earth[ru],
A planet populated by readers.

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