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We determine the character of a person by the color of his eyes[ru]

Eye color character

Russian[ru] psychologist, family relations specialist and writer Olga Romaniv believes that eye color can tell a lot about character[ru]. There is even a special method for determining the type of personality of a person and his spiritual qualities, based on the analysis of external facial features. This science is called physiognomy. Romaniv considers what traits are often inherent in people with a certain eye[ru] color.

Brown eyes

Brown-eyed people are usually very outgoing, fun-loving and have a good sense of humor. But at the same time, they are unbalanced and quick-tempered, in a fit of anger they can offend others. In relationships, they can be superficial, capricious and stubborn. It happens that it is difficult for them to understand their partner. They quickly fall in love[ru] and just as quickly lose interest in the passion.

Green eyes

People with green eyes are sincere in relationships, decisive in business, attractive and usually charismatic. They are distinguished by perfectionism, it is equally easy for them to engage in leadership and creative work.

Blue eyes

People with blue eyes are often emotional, creative, fickle and fickle. They can uncontrollably enjoy life[ru] and also fall into melancholy and depression. Also, blue-eyed people are prone to hysteria, deception and outbursts of anger. But at the same time they have a natural charm.

Black eyes

Black-eyed people have leadership qualities at a high altitude, they can be reckless, they are used to being in the center of attention, they have charisma, love of life. Among the negative traits of representatives of black eyes, hot temper, fixation on their ideas, a tendency to adventurism and stubbornness are also distinguished. They are ready to achieve their goals by any means available to them.

Grey eyes

Gray eyes without admixtures of other shades of colors are very rare. Such people are distinguished by patience and prudence, poise and hard work. You can rely on such people, so they are very loyal and loyal.

Indigo eyes

Indigo eyes are very rare. Such people always know what they want. They have a strong character. They have non-standard thinking, spontaneous and prone to improvisation, but at the same time they are sensual and emotional, can be slightly arrogant in relation to others.

Gray-green eyes

People with gray-green eyes are pragmatic and self-confident. They set their goals well and achieve them. They are sensitive and emotional, often make decisions not only with their heads, but also with their hearts[ru]. Such people have well-developed empathy and intuition.

Grey-blue eyes

People with blue-gray eyes have a balanced, "Nordic" character. They can give the impression of cold natures, in any situation they strive to save face and control themselves, it is difficult to piss them off. They are purposeful and decisive persons, they tend to analyze and show leadership qualities.

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