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Feet of the woman and its character

Ноги женщины и ее характер

Female legs

Beautiful, long feet girls are pride of the woman and To the contrary, the woman is urged to hide feet of the wrong form under long skirts. It appears, the length of feet depends on nasledstvenno-geographical indicators.

At natives of wilderness, savanna and cold geographical belts feet are longer Unlike inhabitants of warm and damp edges, that near to equator. Female legs Negresses who one growth with the white woman, on three will be longer than centimetre. Besides, at negresses longer hips which in the top part are slightly narrowed. The knee is almost imperceptible, and calves long and are well outlined, perfectly are in harmony with Harmonous anklebone.

Northern European people harmonous feet, but they also have all the same Not so are graceful. The population of the Mediterranean of such long feet has no, muscles on them Are more relief, and a foot small. East people and Asians also have shorter Feet. Under the statement of scientists, the form of feet defines character of their owner. Women, At which feet short, stand on the earth confidently and firmly though suffer affliction from changes In mood. Being realists, they solve vital problems easily and quickly, Not running into despair and not undertaking any precipitate acts. In dependence From the personal interests they without effort can change the sights, go on most Unexpected compromises.

Oh, what legs, Jurij Eduardovich Loza

Owners long feet - natures sensitive and romantic, they Like to dream, it happens at times hardly to consult even with insignificant problems In the life. They hardly renounce principles, are constant in the belief.

It is very important also, as the woman "has" the feet. The happy woman in love Has easy and beautiful gait. She goes, highly having lifted a head and safely looking In persons to associates.

Socks women shy, diffident, diffident inside go. They Hardly come into contacts to associates and are often lonely.

Whether It is known to you, that by position of your feet irrespective of, you sit or Stand, it is possible to judge some lines of your character, about temperament and the person?

1. Usually you stand exactly, feet together. You counterbalanced, are practical, tolerant. All recognise, that you the good friend much Rely on you. But some coldness in external shape at times prevents to adjust to you Contact to associates.

2. Usually you stand more leaning on one Foot, another expose forward a little. You like to be the focus of attention. At you Active temperament, you know, that want and achieve it, showing flexibility And necessary sobriety in sights. The self-trust allows to you forces to achieve The authorities.

3. Usually you stand, widely having placed Feet. It is difficult to you to refuse realisation of any intention or Ideas. Be cautious, wherefore backbone can be converted to you to the detriment, if You will not manage to show flexibility in dialogue with associates.

4. Usually you stand with the crossed Feet. You are ambitious and often impatient in realisation of the plans. Hazardous, excitable enough temperament motivates you to enterprise. Yours Ways of dialogue, vigour and dynamism - here your trumps, but it is necessary from time to time To discipline the temperament, not giving it of too big will.

Beautiful girl with rose5. Usually you sit " a foot on a foot ", Having hooked on one foot for another. Similar position of feet meets at people very constrained, Insufficiently self-assured and even the irresolute. Associates consider you too Difficult nature. Thanks to the appeal and a step you will manage to achieve, That you have correctly estimated and have grown fond.

6. Usually you sit simply " a foot On a foot ". Irrespective of the fact which you put a foot from above, you are assured In itself. You - the person, able to live and using this ability.

7. Usually you sit exactly, having connected feet Together, it is a little having pushed them forward and leaning on all foot. You sincere, fair, That is why your straightforwardness does not irritate associates. For you the such are characteristic Qualities, as accuracy, methodicalness, pedantry, congenital pressing forward to an order, Adjoining at times with mania. Outwardly you look a little coldishly, but this deceptive Impression. At you gold heart.

8. Usually you sit, having connected feet Together, having lifted fingers and leaning against heels. You are reserved and closed, occupy Waiting attitude and more often be in defence. You are not capable to take out Even the slightest rebuke, so at you over sensitive nature. From fear To cause in you inadequate reaction, associates avoid to discuss with you ticklish Themes that generates at you feeling of disconnexion.

9. Usually you sit, having connected fingers and having placed Heels. You are very irresolute, excessively scrupulous, that afflicts you, but you of anything Cannot do with itself. You often spend time in a solitude, communicate basically Only with relatives to you people. However you well enough understand yourselves and In people, be able to make very exact analysis of character of the person. Sometimes you overestimate The abilities.

10. Usually you sit, a little having extended Feet forward and having crossed them. At you imperious, jealous nature. You love always And in all to be the first, to dominate over associates, it is hard to communicate with you. That Concerns changes, especially in private life here you show indecision.

Other similar test Legs of the woman will not lie.

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