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    Dependence of type of the man on model of his automobile

Зависимость типа мужчины от модели его автомобиля (The dependence of the type of man from his vehicle models)

The woman always pays attention on the automobile. It will confirm anyone the man. The more the man the knight, the more well-groomed and more well-groomed his horse - would tell the woman in any times. Both those, and others are absolutely right.

Mercedes S-Class or compartment GL, Bentley, "seven" BMW - before us the person independent, provided, with good taste, persistence and tremendous serviceability. If they of black color - with huge potential, and sexual including. Other colors testify or to the creative person, or as it is strange, - about a pedantry and about the boring person.

The owner of old chromeplated Mercedes or products of antiquarian art, most likely, the widely-read intellectual, trying to try to be original. As a rule, such machine is not unique and is combined with serious off-highway or modern Mercedes - the worker such as "suitcase" with square "eyes".

If the gentleman on Maybach has brought up lady from the Big theatre - she too is sure, that this automobile not unique therefore as there is a private rule of a good form - serious people for work on Maybach do not go.

The jeep off-road - and only - is bought with people easy, mobile and prudent. Sometimes not too solid, but trying from last forces enter category VIÐ.

Owners Gelandewagen - a separate contingent - sports, sometimes with the criminal past, not distinguished by irreproachable taste and fidelity the spouse. All same private rules of a good form shout, that this machine - for protection.

The man behind a rudder red Ferrari or Maserati causes together with feeling of delight from his machine confidence of emptiness of his head. And if these automobiles also black color with red interior is already the diagnosis, many interrogated ladies assert. As the same category rank also black BMW with interior in an ochroleucous cell or decorated with stones Swarovski. As practice shows, from owners of such curiosities it is better to seek safety in flight at once, or even to try to not build with them of serious attitudes, as much as possible keeping the independence.

In general, on appearance of the automobile it is possible to tell much about his owner. If a body, interior and even the motor ideally pure - though kiss, - before us cared the man with a lustre. It is possible to assume, that it regularly does a pedicure and looks after the person and hair. Not watching for a motor vehicle the man can be the lazy egoist, loving a dirty or the rebel - anarchist protesting against all. Not well-groomed hands and indiscriminateness to a hairstyle is a most delicate portrait of the similar autoowner.

Meeting the man on the automobile, always it is important to remember a category cowboys without trousers. Representatives of this group will collect last money, borrow and give years, but buy to themselves a foreign car of middle class and put on a unique suit and cuff links. It - with a kind decent, at it - irreproachable reputations why to not begin with it an affair? She piously trusts in sincerity of his words about love, lets to herself in bed and in the life, deduces to the public and acquaints with necessary people. To tell the truth, home to such gentleman solvent lady can not get some years - you see it lives in a municipal room with cockroaches in 30 kilometers from city, and for change of a suit at him only sports tricot and an advertising vest of juice "Kind".

And the rascals taking the machine at friends to get acquainted and tempt the girl? More cautiously - among them good actors come across!

And the main thing, do not overlook, sometimes the automobile can give the big status small ÷åëîâå÷ó and to the big villain who, not reflecting, will leave with someone's millions both your broken heart and a casket with jewelry. And female intuitions will help to keep a sober sight both that and another in an integrity and safety. Psychoanalyst Natal'ja Tolstaja

A bit of humor: "National character in the automotive industry":

The German car[ru] is a tank. French - salon, coach, crew. The Italian car - everything is fine, there is a show off, there is no car. An English car is my home, my fortress. A Russian car is not a greased cart. The American[ru] car is a cart of a migrant. The Japanese car - is German, but ten years old. Korean car[ru] is also German, but twenty years old.

Song about the driver - Leonid Agutin
Trucker - Tatiana Ovsienko
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