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The meaning of the letters of your name


Consider the opinion of the author, and at the end of the article — the meaning of the letters in the name (this article is in Russian[ru] — "Значение букв Вашего имени").

The important role of the name in the life[ru] of a person has been known since ancient times. Many minds of mankind have tried to draw attention to the fact that there is a relationship between a person's name and the events of his life. Apparently, this influence is very difficult and cannot be quickly and easily deciphered.

There are assumptions that the influence of the name is determined by an unconscious component (about which little is known) and the conscious meaning of the name or information about the people who bore this name. There are many examples of the influence of a name on a person's fate. One of them is the life story of the outstanding Russian commander Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov. He was born[ru] weak, barely alive: he did not breathe[ru], did not move, did not scream, did not open his eyes[ru]. Only after an energetic slap, the boy came to life and shouted in a bass voice: "A-a-a!" This gave reason to give the boy a name starting with the letter A.

Among the saints close to the birthday of the future commander, the saints with the letter "A" were Anastasius (this name means "risen from the dead[ru]" in Greek) and three Alexanders[wives]: Roman, Svirsky and Nevsky. The mother was inclined to the first name, fearing that the son, obliged, in her opinion, to imitate his patron, would follow the path. But the boy's father insisted on the name Alexander. The priest noticed at the same time that the boy, when he grows up, will choose his own patron among the three Alexanders. It is known that the Roman Alexander was a saint. Alexander Svirsky, according to legend, left his parents' rich house for a monastery, lived on the island of Valaam for thirty years, where he was constantly digging his grave in a granite rock, but never managed to finish it.

Alexander Nevsky is known for his exploits and military deeds. When Suvorov turned seven, he had to choose one of the two Russian saints as his "angel". In the presence of his parents and a teacher-priest, he was given to read both lives. The future commander Alexander Suvorov chose Alexander Nevsky, he did not want to hammer his grave all his life[ru]. Besides Alexander Nevsky, Suvorov had another example to follow — Alexander the Great. Classical education of that time dwelt in sufficient detail on ancient history. Alexander Suvorov was able, studying the works of Plutarch, to get acquainted early enough with the life story of his famous namesake. With two such outstanding examples in front of him, the weak boy managed to make himself a great commander by persistent physical education and constant spiritual self-improvement.

During his entire military career, Suvorov did not lose a single battle, at the age of seventy he was able to cross the Alps on foot together with soldiers. Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov himself influenced the fate of his descendants. His grandson, also Alexander, followed the example of his grandfather, also became a military man and reached the high rank of inspector general of the entire Russian infantry.

Attempts to understand and explain the influence of the name on the fate and character[ru] of a person are being made at the present time. All of them differ in a wide variety of approaches to solving this problem. In some works, astronomical research methods are used, in other cases it is proposed to use a symbolic approach. Works based on intuitive[ru] characteristics have become widely known. It should be noted that in all cases significantly different values of names are obtained. The reader is offered one of the modern approaches to deciphering the name and its influence on the fate of a person.

Researcher Felix Kazimirovich Velichko proposed a semantic-phonetic version of the name analysis. He draws attention to the fact that each letter in the word has its own semantic and emotional connotation. F. Velichko offers a simple and vivid example. If we compare the short exclamations: "Ah! Oh! Wow! Eh!" then you can immediately notice a significant difference in the emotions that these words carry. But these words differ only by one letter. F. Velichko concludes that "a word made up of letters combines their total semantic and emotional connotation." Among all the words, the name is one of the most important.

Since childhood, a person, getting used to his name, "as if adjusts the vibrations of his "I" to the vibrations of the name." Hence the conclusion that our name can influence our character. The energetic name Alexander is able to turn a weak boy into a hardy commander," and the soft name Tatiana most closely corresponded to the name of the heroine of Pushkin's novel Eugene Onegin. It is assumed that the meaning of the name can be obtained by combining the meaning of all the letters of the name. Combining is not always easy and requires a careful and deliberate approach.

For example, consider the name Anna. This name is widely spread among many peoples and sounds about the same in different languages. The name Anna consists of two letters. The letter A is a symbol of the beginning, the desire to start something and implement it. The letter H is a symbol of inner strength, capable of not perceiving everything indiscriminately. It is interesting to note that the word meaning negation in German is "nain", and in English "know". Based on the meaning of all the letters that make up the name, you can give this meaning to the name Anna — a reasonable initiative. By the way, translated from Hebrew, the name Anna means "grace". These concepts do not contradict each other in their essence.

Let's pay attention to such an interesting detail as the abbreviated form of the name. The name Anna has an abbreviated form — it's Anya. Here, the letter I gives a sense of self-worth" the desire to gain the respect of others. The manifestation of these qualities is especially important in a growing child. Now the name Anya can mean a reasonable initiative that respects itself and receives respect from the outside. It can be assumed that the more possible forms a name allows, the richer the influence of this name on a person will be. Each letter forming a person's name gives the name a certain meaning.

Based on the material described below, you can try to feel the vibration of your name and understand your purpose in life:

A — is a symbol of the beginning, the strength and desire to start and implement something, the desire for spiritual and physical comfort.

B — romanticism, constancy and strength in relationships with people, initiative and the ability to overcome difficulties, the desire to ensure material well-being.

V — ease of communication, ability to quickly establish contact, real perception of reality, unity with nature, creative personality.

G — thirst for knowledge, the desire for a hidden secret, the ability to understand everything that happens in life in a close relationship, attention to even minor details, conscientiousness in all matters.

D — comprehension, reflection before starting a business, the main focus on the family, the desire to help, some capriciousness in relationships, a penchant for extrasensory perception.

Ye — the desire for self-expression, the need for a mutual exchange of ideas, a tendency to the role of mediator in conflict situations, insight, intuitive understanding of the secret and incomprehensible world, sometimes talkativeness.

Zh — is a meaningful inner world that is not open to everyone, desire as an impulse to action.

Z — strong imagination and intuition, the desire to isolate yourself from external reality and live in your own closed world, in difficult situations, self-isolation from solving the problem.

I — refinement, sensitivity, kindness, striving for harmony with the surrounding world, romantic soft nature, efficiency and practicality are most often a screen to hide their true essence.

K — endurance, strength and fortitude, the ability to keep secrets, exceptional insight, the main principle of life: "all or nothing."

L — a refined understanding of the beautiful, outstanding artistic and artistic abilities, a desire to share knowledge and feelings with a partner, a warning about the inadmissibility of wasting life and the need to find your true purpose in life.

M — is a caring nature, a desire to help, sometimes shyness, a warning about the inadmissibility of a predatory attitude towards nature, overcoming the temptation to become the center of everyone's attention.

N — is a sign of protest, rejection of everything indiscriminately, inner strength, sharp critical mind, striving for spiritual and physical health, diligence and diligence in work, rejection of monotonous and uninteresting work.

O — strong and deep feelings, the ability to handle money, the need for self-knowledge, the desire to understand their purpose, rich intuition, the ability to highlight the most important and essential of all the hustle and bustle of life.

P — wealth of ideas, established stable opinions, concern for one's appearance,"the ability of the mind to generalize, the desire to comprehend reality in its entirety.

R — the ability not to be deceived by external representations, the ability to delve into the essence, self-confidence, the desire for action, courage, passion, sometimes reckless risk and adventurousness, a tendency to dogmatism in judgments.

C — the desire for a solid position and material security, common sense in judgments, irritability, a tendency to be overbearing, sometimes capriciousness, the importance of realizing one's true purpose in life.

T — is a creative person, a sensitive nature, a tendency to intuition, a desire for constant search for truth, desires are not always commensurate with the possibilities, the symbol of the cross reminds of the transience of life, and therefore one should not postpone things that can be done now.

Y — is a rich and active imagination, generosity, the ability to empathize, a philanthropist"a constant desire to achieve empathy, a philanthropist" a constant desire to achieve an ever higher spiritual level, a reminder that there is a truth in life that should not always be announced at every intersection.

F — the desire to be always in the center of attention, the need to impress others with their brilliance, friendliness, originality of ideas that sometimes contain very valuable grains of truth, the desire to make people happy and enjoy it yourself, the ability to present supposedly necessary lies with the best intentions, a contradictory inner worldview generated by a bizarre mixture of very different philosophical teachings.

Kh — is a bet on success in life on your own, the desire to gain authority, a tendency to an independent position in life, an increased sensitivity to the assessments given by others, this letter is a reminder of compliance with the laws of morality.

Ts — is a leader, a tendency to arrogance and conceit, the presence of claims, cohesion with the whole, adherence to traditions, lack of ability to exist alone.

Ch — is a part of the whole, a feeling of being an inseparable part of the one and the whole.

Shch — special attentiveness to life, the ability to assess what is happening at the smallest hint, modesty, the ability to arrange their affairs without noise, a developed sense of humor.

'' — softness, the ability to smooth out sharp corners in a relationship, the danger of falling under the influence of a strong and strong-willed partner.

U — the ability to detail, dissect and sort out.

E — the ability to see the hidden essence of events, the ability to see the underside of people, good command of the language in oral speech and writing, a tendency to excessive curiosity, the desire to show their involvement in a good society.

Yu — is a propensity for the ideals of universal equality and fraternity, the pursuit of truth, the ability to sacrifice oneself and, at the same time, to cruel deeds, the necessity of which is determined by higher considerations.

Ya — am a developed sense of self-worth, the desire to achieve love[ru] and respect from others, the ability to get what you want.

The merging of letters in a name is not the same in its power. This influence is due to many reasons. The letter with which the name begins has the most pronounced effect. Of the other letters forming the name, changed and went out of resonance. The conclusion that can be drawn at the same time is interesting and may be useful. It lies in the fact that the relationships that are established between people in familiar conditions, as a rule, are more stable and stronger than those that arise in some unusual situations.

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