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    Testing of the person on his automobile

Testing of the person on his automobile

So, now we with you shall consider, how the choice of the automobile depends on character of the person. Certainly, it concerns first of all those people which have an opportunity to choose from desirable, instead of accessible. Though this principle now leaves in the past faster, since automobile crediting now is so advanced (come in a motor show and to you make out the credit in bank on purchase of the automobile which has liked you. Now service has reached even that, as through internet it is possible to issue on credit - and names the automobile credit registration an online). Everything, now you are a happy owner of the automobile :-) .

The size and color of the automobile

So, we begin with the size. If the person dreams of the big automobile, that, in opinion of psychologists, it is possible to speak, that the given individual aspires to personal expansion, that is wants to look much more largly, than it is actually or wishes to emphasize the importance. That in some cases specifies indemnification of any unsatisfied aspirations and desires or unfulfilled plans. (A comment of the author of a site: the first automobile I has got in Vladivostok. Has taken Tojota-Korolla-Sprinter (TOYOTA-COROLLA-SPRINTER). From the external party it seems not big, only on some centimeters VAZ but when has sat down a rudder there is more - such huge has seemed! The forward part of a body, a hood was especially unusually looked. Very long has seemed, thought - how to go on such healthy? Then anything, the second automobile too has got used also has taken mark Tojota-Korona-Premio, (TOYOTA-CORONA-PREMIO - the remarkable machine).

And it happens, that the person not limited in means prefers small automobiles. It is quite possible, that the question is his underestimated self-rating.

The important role is played also with color scale of automobiles. Thus we naturally do not take in calculation of fans of "practical" color. It is considered, that if the motorist prefers this or that color this color in life and does not suffice it. It aspires to it and tries to fill lack all possible ways. In in brief it looks as follows.

Red color of the automobile specifies a high instinct of a nature, desire to move, declare itself.

Orange color - color of sexual energy and aspiration to it.

Yellow - color of the sun[horo]. Presumably the owner yellow automobile - the person solar, but inclined to повелеванию, you see the sun is the centre of the universe.

Green color of the automobile - color of geniality, heat, calmness. And light green is a color of a summer. And dark green, marsh can specify the not expressed emotions and feelings.

Blue people loving[ru] more often choose or wishing to talk and communicate.

Dark blue it is considered color of mind. That is automobiles of a similar coloring can choose people which perceive the world not through feelings and emotions, and it is rational - through a head.

Violet color of the machine is preferred with people creative, refined enough. They are open to the world, perceive it in the greater degree by means of intuition[ru].

White - color uniting. To people, his choosing, all qualities and predilections are inherent in an equal measure. Besides it is adherents of cleanliness - on white any dirty is appreciable.

Black and grey colors of a body are chosen by drivers who do not like to be put out, prefer imperceptible lifestyle. Thus they aspire to management of a situation. The psychology even has thought up for them the term " shadow figures ", and in a policy of such people name "the grey cardinal".

The form

The form of a motor vehicle as can tell much about his owner. Some prefer angularity - elements of design widespread some decades back. It can speak that the person in the life is guided by principles and belief which were generated then when angularity was distributed. These motorists hardly perceive all trends new, even speak: "I am irritated with these new soap trays". They are the present conservatives to the core.

The motorists choosing modern design, feel time better, are inclined to quiet parting with dogmas and installations, to change. Naturally it is inherent in young generation.

Ornament of the automobile

The love to an ornament of the automobile can specify that the owner of the automobile closely concerns to all vital nuances and tries to emphasize the individuality (a comment of the author of a site: on the TV in one transfer saw - sometimes cost of ornaments of the automobile in specializing on it firms can reach the prices up to half of cost of the automobile).

There are drivers who nothing change in appearance, but are completely given dressing of interior of the automobile. First of all it specifies aspiration to comfort.

On bent for external and internal ornaments can judge psychological type of the person.

Extrovert, directing energy outside, are engaged in registration of the case of the machine.

Introvert, concentrated on an own private world, decorate interior, create space lovely to heart[ru].

There are motorists who like to restore old automobiles. It is possible to assume, that, restoring the automobile, they restore something in themselves. It is some way of the control above life: if it can restore and make something the hands it gives to confidence, that it can operate events.

Details are important. In general any details even at first sight specify insignificant details of the machine age, a floor and habits of the owner. We shall tell, in youth everyone want to live faster, high-speed automobiles therefore choose. And with age aspire to live longer - start to reflect on safety.

Women at a choice of the automobile as the big attention give security and safety.

And "automobile - universal" people thorough buy, economic - they, maybe, and will transport nothing, but will just in case be prepared. (A comment of the author of a site: - one my friend has bought to itself such old FORD specially (!) for construction of garage. I when have seen it behind this business - have not fallen nearly. Has cleaned back sitting, it has turned out such as a small body. Carried bricks, pieces of rails and so forth After construction of garage it has sold this FORD, as served the service :-)

By the way, even such detail as an automobile box of transfers too has a talk the points of view of psychology. Those who maximum wants to operate the life and inclined to action, most likely, will choose a standard mechanical box of transfer, the same who prefers the greater comfort and it is necessary on circumstances, for that the automatic box of switching of speeds (in use of her usually name the box - automatic device) is better.

So, dear friends - motorists, we as is wished can try to hide from environmental features of the character. However all of them equally will have an effect. Let even in a choice of the automobile. V. Evt'ushkin, Andrej Serov

A bit of humor: "National character in the automotive industry":

The German car is a tank. French - salon, coach, crew. The Italian car - everything is fine, there is a show off, there is no car. An English car is my home, my fortress. A Russian car is not a greased cart. The American[ru] car is a cart of a migrant. The Japanese car - is German, but ten years old. Korean car is also German, but twenty years old.

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