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Test - check up the health

Check up the health
На русском: тест - проверьте свое здоровье

To check up the organism on a deterioration (heart[ru], a eyes[ru], hearing and a teeth) be tested on the health[ru]. If you are healthy, should enter into the parametres resulted in tables:

Heart — a piece transit time in 1,6 km (1 mile)


AgeTransit time
25-30 years7-8 mines
36-45 years8-9 mines
46-55 years8-9 mines
56-65 years10-11 mines

Skin condition

AgeSkin condition
20 yearsSkin soft, without folds
30 yearsOccurrence of the first horizontal lines on a forehead. The skin becomes drier
40 yearsFormation so-called nasolabial a line and wrinkles round eyes[ru]
50 yearsNasolabials lines converge by a half moon at a mouth and pass in a direction to a chin. There are first folds on a neck; folds on all person, brushes of arms etc.
60 yearsThe skin loses elasticity

Hearing - the maximum distance at which the same sounds differ

AgeTransit time
20 years12 metres
30 years12 metres
40 years11 metres
50 years10 metres
60 years7 metres
70 years4 metres

Condition of the Teeth

AgeThe sealed up teethThe lost teeth
20 years111
30 years192
40 years284
50 years298
60 years2711

One more test: The test - on how many you are old actually?

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