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Размщение, публикация и заказ биографии, информации о компании

Friends! We offer you to place it on the website your or someone else's biography, information about the company, about the project, about the event, services, etc.

The article is placed forever. The number of articles is not limited.

The cost of placing the article is $55. An electronic payment receipt is issued.

Payment for the service can be made in any available and possible way, including, but not limited to: KIWI, Yumani (formerly Yandex-money), a system of quick payments to a mobile phone number, a Visa Card (Gazprombank), etc.

The deadline for posting an article is three working days (note: it is usually published faster).

If there are no objections, data can be added (text, graphic, audio, video) taken from open sources that do not worsen the image of a person, company, project (with subsequent approval).

External links to sites that we cannot control are not placed for fear of falling under the filters of search engines for trading links (if necessary, you can specify them in text form, without hyperlinks).

The content that can be sued in court (insults, humiliating the honor and dignity of a person, etc.) is removed from the article.

Copied texts from other sites can be processed and unique.

It is also possible to publish your articles in foreign languages (translation is carried out by Yandex. Translator, or send your editorial office).

The announcement of the article can be published on social networks, telegram, Twitter, etc.; the provided videos can also be published on YouTube with an alert of 104 000 + subscribers-if there are no objections from the customer.

Approximate appearance, design, etc. of blocks in published articles:

Suggest an article — (to speed up the consideration of the application, you can attach the contents of the materials (the maximum size of the attached files in one message is 24 MB or specify a link to the source from where you can download the materials or get acquainted with them) - an article, photos, documents, etc., what you want to offer for publication).

See you soon!

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