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English name


The List of most popular names of boys in Englands and Wales in 70-80.

1. Mark, Stephen, Paul, Jason, Andrew, David, Darren, Richard, Michael, Robert, Simon, Christopher, Matthew, Ian, Gary, Nicholas, John, Philip, Anthony, James, Martin, Stuart, Kevin, Peter, Neil, Craig, Jonathan, Graham, Shaun, Adrian, Alan, Wayne, Lee, Colin, Dean, Carl, Adam, Justin, Geoffrey, Timothy, Daniel, Brian, Jamie, Nigel, Edward, Gavin, Thomas, Russel, Barry, Julian.

The List of most popular names of girls in Englands and Wales in 70-80.

2. Tracey, Sarah, Joanne, Sharon, Nicola, Lisa, Julia, Karen, Michelle, Rachel, Deborah, Alison, Claire, Catherine, Amanda, Victoria, Samantha, Susan, Helen, Rebecca, Angela, Louise, Emma, Jane, Caroline, Jacqueline, Kerry, Paula, Donna, Andrea, Elisabeth, Wendy, Dawn, Tina, Kelly, Lorraine, Teresa, Diane, Jennifer, Linda, Ann, Elaine, Justine, Hayley, Mandy, Fiona, Gillian, Julia, Sally, Janet.

Most often meeting combinations of surnames and names of newborn boys and girls in 1971

1. Smith - Mark/Tracey

2. Jones - David/Sarah

3. Williams - David/Sharon

4. Taylor - Mark/Joanne

5. Brown - Stephen/Tracey

6. Davies - Mark/Sarah

7. Evans - David/Tracey

8. Thomas - David/Sarah

9. Wilson - Mark/Tracey

10. Roberts - David/Tracey

11. Johnson - Mark/Tracey

12. Wright - Paul/Sarah

13. Robinson - Mark/Joanne

14. Thompson Paul/Joanne

15. Edwards - David/Sarah

16. White - David/Sarah

17. Walker - Mark/Sarah

18. Hughs - Mark/Nicola

19. Hall - Stephen/Joanne

20. Green - David/Joanne

21. Clarke - Stephen/Tracey

22. Lewis - David/Joanne

23. Harris - Paul/Michelle

24. Jackson - Paul/Lisa

25. Turner - Paul/Joanne

Popular vallijskie, irish and scottish name

Vallijskie Name for boys: Alun, Cadog,Caradog, Cynan, Dafydd, Dylan, Emrys, Gareth, Gwyn, Hywel, Idris, Ifor, Llewellyn, Morgan, Mostyn, Myrddin, Selwyn, Vaughan

Vallijskie Name for girls: Blodwen, Branwen, Cerys, Dilys, Eiluned, Glenda, Glenys, Gwen, Gwendolen, Gwyneth, Margred, Megan, Morwen, Nerys, Nesta, Olwen, Rhonwen.

Irish name for boys: Brendan, Connor,Cormac, Dermot, Eimar, Garrett, Gerard, Liam, Padraig, Ronan, Seamus, Sean.

Irish name for girls: Aisling, Bernadette, Bridget, Colette, Deirdre, Fidelma, Ita, Mairead, Maura, Roisin, Sinead, Siobhan, Sorcha, Una, Vivienne.

Scottish name for boys: Adair, Alpin, Andrew, Angus, Blair, Boyd, Bruce, Cameron, Campbell, Carroll, Clyde, Colin, Craig, Crawford, Diarmid, Donald, Douglas, Drummond, Farquhar, Fergus, Fraser, Gordon, Gregor, lan, Hugh, Keith, Kenneth, Lindsay, Magnus, Murray, Neil, Ramsay, Ross, Stuart, Wallace.

Scottish name for girls: Ailsa, Brenda, Catriona, Edwina, Elspeth, Fenella, Fiona, Heather, Ina, Innes, lona, Isla, Jessie, Lesley, Mairi, Morwen, Osla, Rhona, Senga, Sliona, Wilma.

Unusual personal name

Arrow DoctorruGladnessMimosaStranger

Bonum nomen bonum omen.

A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.

(Old Testament, 22:1)

Factors, defining choice of personal names

This be small section we want begin with vast quoting from article, published in london journal "Weekend" ("Overseas", 39, 1986).

"Specialists, studying process of shaping to personalities, confirm that name - one of the the important factors, influencing upon nature and even health. The English internist Trevor Uaston, for instance, has conducted the study, shown that patients, whose name begin with letters a last of one third of alphabet, in three times more often subject to cardiovascular diseases.

Three researchers from Chicago consider that people with amusing or strange names in four times more rest predisposed to different sort to psychic complexes. Speaks Robert Nikolej, one of the the chikagskih physicians: "When child gets the name, capable to cause the taunts, this puts its in defensive position with first steps amongst peers. It have to fight for normal attitude to itself". Hereto brings increased touchiness, appearing beside child with name, which can pertain both to boy, and to girl, to example, Marion, Cue, Mishel'. Even adult americans with name Uil'jam, as of studies, "feel itself abject", when to he address as Ticket or Villas.

As of chikagskih researchers, americans with names Melvin, Najdzhel or Dzhulian, as a rule, concern with the humanitarian sciences, but then Rori, Swarm and Chuck - most wide-spread name amongst boxers and soccer players. From feminine names most attractive for american mans - S'juzen, on results of one national questioning. However in review, published by public service New-Jorka, on first place cost (stand)s Kristin, hereinafter Cheril, Melani, Dzhennifer, Marilin and only afterwards S'juzen. But then such name, as Etel', Alma, Zel'da, Florence, Mildred and Adna, cause beside representatives strong flap America to unpleasant assotiations.

The Researchers confirm that parents must carefully choose the name its child. After all name - first gift unless consider the most lifes, which parents present the child moreover life gift. But it can become the curse. The Psychologist John Trejn has collected aim book of most absurd names, from which suffer some americans. The Family May from New Orleans, for instance, has chosen for three daughtersuch "name": My, Bu, Gu. Dzheksony From Chicago literally have disgraced their own 5 children, having named their Meningitis, Laryngitis, Appendicitis, Peritonitis and Tonsillitis".

Exceedingly interesting introduces the study of sociological aspect of motives of choice of names. "Well name rare, 'as nor beside who', striking, exclusive that it "shot", or it bad, but well name calm, most usual and nondescript, 'as beside all'?" - writes V. A. Nikonov ("Problems and methods antroponimiki"//"own name in past, present, future - ., 1970). Polish antroponimist. T. Milevskij confirm that personal name differ from nominal is packed by liberty of choice. However, notwithstanding this, multiple studies prove that choice of the personal names is conditionned the antroponimicheskoj by rate.

We Stop in brief on some factors, defining choice of personal names beside beside english people:

1. The Influence of mode. The Modern mode on name - public mode, in which reveals itself public, rather then the individual taste. This is confirmed big homogeneity modern english list of names (in 1971 more than 20 000 newborn boys in Englands and Wales have got the name Jason).

On the other hand, choice of name is defined the desire to avoid the monotonies (Jessica - not a particularly fashionable name, so wouldn't date her).

2. The Relationship of name with determined by social group. So, name Rupert, Benjamin, Alexandra traditionally involve with representatives of average layers of society. Disappear social painted name, as, for instance, Abigail, which was perceived as traditional name of maid.

"I really can't see why you should object to the name of Algernon. It is not at all a bad name. In fact, it is rather an aristocratic name. Half of the chaps who go into the Bankrupcy Court are called Algernon." O. Wilde. The Importance of Being Earnest

3. The Longing to avoid difficult, dissonant combinations (for instance, Tracey Thomas, Jason Jackson, Paul Hall, Mark dark. Mark Martin), pulling to sonorous names:

I have a passion for the name of Mary

For once it had a magic sound to me.

Byron. Don Juan

Greater importance at choice of name has, probably, phonetics-psychological factor, under which is understood origin determined emotional assotiations, caused by different sounds and combinations of sounds.

"Are we naming our daughters too fancifully? I am inclined to sympathise with the feeling that makes poor parents who have perforce to live in some soulless slum, seek for something sweet and wholesome, even if it be only a name, and I have given up moralising when I hear such one called Doris or Ivy. It is ever so much better than condemning them to the hackneyed Mary Ann which seems to rob them of all chance," - wrote the anonymous visitor of journal Great Eastern Railway Magazine at the beginning initially XX age.

4. The Desire to have a reputation for original forces some parents to give its child rare, unusual name: Charisma, Damask, Bina, Queen. This particularly "suffer" parents newborn afro-americans. So, on statistics, amongst boys, which in the last years in America gave the name Cornell, Darius, Deon, Everett, Ivan, Ivory, Kenyatha, Maurice, Myron, Nakia, Roderick, Tyrone, and amongst girls with names Akilah, Briana, Danita, Dionne, Evette, Jamila, Jawanda, Keisha, Kia, Kyra, Malaika, Sabrina, Tamika, Yolanda majority - representatives of negro population. The Family in Honolulu (Hawaii) has named their own children Dodo, Rere, Mimi, Fafa, Soso, Lala, Sisi and Octavia.

5. Influence religions.

6. The Influence Upon choice of name positive or negative assotiations with the known history or cultural figures (nearly full disappearance of name Adolf from modern english list a name). The American artist XIX age .. The Saws, for instance, gave its children of name of prominent painters: Rembrandt Peale, Rafaelle Peale, Rubens Peale, Titian Peale.

6. The Influence Upon choice of name positive or negative assotiations with the known history or cultural figures (nearly full disappearance of name Adolf from modern english list of names). The American artist XIX age Ch. U. Pil has named their own children of prominent painters: Rembrandt Peale, Rafaelle Peale, Rubens Peale, Titian Peale.

"People always grow up like their names. It took me thirty years to work off the effects of being called Eric. If I wanted a girl to grow up beautiful I'd call her Elizabeth, and if I wanted her to be a good cook I'd choose something like Mary or Jane." George Orwell (Eric Blair)

7. The Relationship with revenge of birth. So, name Jennifer link with Kornuollom, Yorick - with west England.

8. The Desire to avoid the names, meeting in firm expressions of type Simple Simon, Jack of all trades, Every Tom, Dick and Harry and others.

9. Sometimes Name give in honour of other person, often nearest relative. Much, fathers enter so, as mr. Dombi in novel Ch. Dikkensa "Dombi And son": " will be christened Paul... of course. His father's name, Mrs Dombey, and his grandfather's." . Fildinga: "...the little foundling to whom he had been godfather, giving his own name of Thomas..." (Tom Jones) Goldsmita: "Our oldest son was named George, after his uncle, who left us 10,000 pounds" (The Vicar of Wakefield).

In conclusion we will bring the fragment from small poem Ch. Lamba, In which small girls chooses the name for its sister. In him are well examined many from frequent rules of selection of names for children:

Now I wonder what would please her -

Charlotte, Julia or Louisa

Ann and Mary, they're too common;

Joan's too formal for a woman;

Jane's a prettier name beside;

But we had a Jane that died.

They would say, if 'twas Rebecca,

That she was a little Quaker,

Edith's pretty, but that looks

Better in old English books.

Ellen's left off long ago;

Blanche is out of fashion now.

None that I have named as yet

Are as good as Margaret.

Emily is neat and fine.

What do you think of Caroline?

How I'm puzzled and perplexed

What to choose or think of next!

I am in a little fever

Lest the name that I shall give her

Should disgrace her or defame her.

I will leave Papa to name her.

C. Lamb. Naming the Baby (1809)

O. A. Leonovich

chapter from book "In world of english names"


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