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AQUARIUSattitude to money



Aquarius - get profits by means of friend. Only with they will learn pits of falling and spades(peaks) financial rise (as always unexpectedly, surprise). Refered To this in abstract - well, does not well, else will.

 For perfecting well-being collect unnecessary inventing, think up mad ideas, personify in practice - to the account of nacked enthusiasm and convictiom: "if shines a Sun, signifies this whomever needed?" (can know-how in the facilities will be useful?). Unusual ways of attracting a wealth will give fruits (however, this not tree on which grow coins). In general, enabling technologies - your way to sudden financial success. When get a Nobel prize, does not try in carelessness of wasting and uselessnesses aquisition. Otherwise, recall: "wanted as better, but is got - as always ;) But in general, correctly: not name 100 roubles, but name 100 friend. Poverty - not vice. Rich too roar. Not in the money happiness (and others axioms, not requiring proof).


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