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CANCER ― attitude to money



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Cancer - if has utterred on contributions, the Cancers aptly to put in old-time belongings. For a black day. For them money are voluptuous by emotional protection from future problems. Wealth not purpose, but solely financial handhold and quietness.

 The Sources of earning: household enterprise - for instance, patty a stove; possible nanny to settle down (in the someone else house); but if Cancer - a man, detour all relatives and beside all withdrew something on the memory. Recommended housing conditions to perfect - rich very good repairs of the building to make. But else, will be got to earn on the patriotism and consciousness people. "Native land - a mother. Who wants to buy - that possible sell". However, conscience not will always be sold. So Concern With products food and milk industry (its deal). A Daydream lifes - you ensure seven! Main - money in the house to drag, for instance, bags.  

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