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SCORPION ― attitude to money



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Scorpion - certainly, Your main capital on credit (investments). Nobody so easy does not use someone else money (facility). Splendid go in work (turn) corporative funds, insurance dues, unpaid tax. But if they were given birth at the end of sign - wait rich inheritance from the deceased aunties from abroad.

 Certainly, sometimes seems - easier hack together casket, than condition. This not so. Main , tend to greater, and sensibly risk. Only so debts will return, but costs will cover with interest. Before following credits. However, not often profiteer on the confidence of investors - difficult stop. Money can turn out to be the greater, but unknown in whose pocket. Then will be got sign situation: "take someone else - will return their own". As it were anymore happened - their own will more return. It Is Required. Charged.

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