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George Soros — biography

George Soros

George Soros (Джордж Сорос) — the legendary American businessman, the financial genius, the philanthropist and the thinker, has become famous for the charities all over the world. Zodiac Leo.

George was born on August, 12th, 1930 in Budapest in the Jewish average-income family. His father was the attorney and the publisher - tried to publish the journal on esperanto. In 1914 it has left the volunteer on front, was taken prisoner to Russia[ru] and has been banished to Siberia, whence ran back to native Budapest.

In days of reprisals thanks to the false documents produced by the father, Soros's family has avoided prosecution by nazis and in 1947 has safely emigrated to the Great Britain. At this time Dzhorzhu Soros was 17 years old. Here the future financier has acted in the London school of economy and successfully it has ended in three years. It was read to lecture by the Austrian philosopher, the logician and sociologist Charles Rajmund Popper who has become in further its instructor. Charles Popper's idea about creation on the earth of so-called open company became the purpose of a life of George. In this connection it also had been organised numerous charitable foundations worldwide.

George Soros has found work in England at notions factory. The post was referred to as the assistant to the manager, but actually worked as the seller. Then George has turned to the direct-sales representative, driving about on cheap car "Ford" and offered the goods to various dealers on marine resorts of the Wales. Simultaneously with work of direct-sales representative Soros tried it will be arranged in all merchant banks of London. But everywhere was refused in connection with the nationality and absence of the protege.

Only in 1953 it has received a place in the company "Singer and Fridlander", at the compatriot of the Hungarian. Work and simultaneously training passed in arbitration department which was near to exchange. Its chief traded in shares of the gold mining companies. But boring work did not inspire George Soros and in three years it has found a method to get over to America[ru].

To the USA in 1956 George has arrived under the invitation of the father of its London friend there is nobody Mayer who had the small brokerage office on Uoll-strit. Career in the USA has begun with the international arbitration, that is purchase of securities in one country and their sale in other. After suetskij crisis this kind of business has gone not so well as it would be desirable Soros and he has created a new method of trade, naming its internal arbitration (sale of separately combined securities of shares, bonds and warrants before they could be separated officially from each other). Before introduction by US president John Kennedy of a surcharge on foreign investments this kind of activity brought in the quite good income. After that Soros's business has been destroyed for one night and it has returned to philosophy.

With 1963 for 1966 George Soros tries to rewrite the dissertation over which started to work after a business school and has returned to a writing of the treatise "Heavy burden of consciousness", but the exacting economist has not been satisfied by the child as considered that it simply transmitted thoughts of the great teacher.

On it career of the philosopher has been terminated and in 1966 it has returned to business. From the firm capital in 100 thousand dollars Soros has created investment fund with the capital in 4 million dollars. Having received significant profit for three years of work, in 1969 Soros becomes the chief and the co-owner of fund called the Double of Needles and outgrown in a consequence in well-known "Kvantum" (Quantum Group) - the manufacturer of rigid magnetic disks for computers. The fund carried out speculative tradings with the securities, the millions which have brought to it of dollars of profit.

To the middle of 1990 the capital "Квантума" made 10 billion US dollars. As of today each dollar enclosed in this fund, has turned in 5,5 thousand US dollars. Significant day on September, 15th, 1992 when thanks to the operations undertaken by Soros connected with sharp falling of English pound, its condition has increased by 1 billion dollars. After that day Soros began to name "the Person who has broken Bank of England".

The fund "Open Society Fund" became the beginning of charitable career of Soros. Now more than in 25 countries it creates welfare funds. In 1988 in the USSR Soros has organised fund "Cultural initiative" in support of a science, cultures, and formations. But the fund "Cultural initiative" has been closed, as money went not as required, and was used to suit the own ends certain persons.

In 1995 the decision to begin all anew in Russia was accepted, and was to organise new fund "Open company". George Soros in Russia the first since 1996 finances the project "University centres Internet". The project purpose was to open and support within five years functioning at 32 universities of Russia of the centres of open access to global information computer network Internet. This project was financed together with the government of the Russian Federation. Soros's contribution has made 100 million dollars, and the contribution of the Russian government of 30 million. It is considered, that this unique obligation, which government has executed in full and in target dates.

Open company (Soros fund) - the international welfare fund, is founded in 1988 American businessman Dzh. Soros, Russian state and public organisations. It was financed by Soros; carried out humanitarian programs and projects; rendered a financial backing research and publishing (grants, grants, etc.). Priority directions: a science, culture, formation. A residence — Moscow.

George Soros name a live legend of the financial market or the financial genius. In 1994 of an investment in a network of welfare funds and other establishments Have reached 300 million dollars, in 1995 and 1996 - on 350 million dollars The USA. But since 1997 at Soros has come " black полоса". Practically all investments Yielded huge losses. Having decided to depart from affairs, he has closely attended to programs Science and art financings. And all its failures have begun with acquisition Controlling interest of the Russian company " Связьинвест" (in 1998 he Named this investment " a main error жизни").

In July, 1997 it has participated in auction on sale of "Svyazinvest", Having invested about billion dollars for a share in "Svyazinvest". On Information Forbs, for 1999 Soros's personal condition was evaluated in 4 billion Dollars.

In 1990 at the initiative of Soros the Central European university has been based In Budapest, Prague and Warsaw. As is the honorary doctorru of New school Social researches (New York), the Oxford and Jelsky universities.

As summer of 2002 has acted with criticism of a policy of US president George Bush which named interfering inflow of investments to the American economy.

On November, 14th, 2002 Soros has made decision to terminate financing based by it in Russia "Institute of open company".

George Soros is known not only as the financier and the philanthropist, but also as social The thinker, the author of some books and articles, for which basic value and The central idea is formation of open company in postcommunist The world. Besides numerous articles George Soros has written books "Alchemy finances" (1987), "Opening Soviet system" (1990), "Supporting democracy" (1991), "Soros about Soros", "Crisis world capitalism" and others.

Capitalism Soros

You have two cows. You sell three cows subsidiary in Korea, using a loan from the Bank of Brussels, obtained in the care of her mother. Then you have to outbid four cows with the help of the American mediator, who draws up the deed in your name that you did not pay tax on the five cows. Eurogrants that you get for the milk six cows, you invest in the Korean subsidiary; writing in the annual report that you have eight cows, and when in the course of the audit it appears that in the cows you no clue about anything, throw up your hands and bozhites that can not understand why in your stall is empty!

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