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Behaviour of the women in beds depending on forms her bosom


The Nature of the women always was a riddle for men. However, italian specialist in the field of sexual relations sex-physician Pierre Lorenconi confirms that he can a great deal to tell about personalities of each women, founding only on size and form her bosom. In particular, he considers that bosom defines the nature of the women in much greater degree, than sign of the Zodiac, under which she was born.

Pierre Lorenconi classified the feminine charmings in accordance with different fruit. He considers that men can by itself form up their own own sexual horoscopes, following size of the thorax its supposed partner.

The Ithaca, fruit card begins with the traditional melon. According to Lorenconi, the womans with big round bosom, reminding on the form of the melons, earlier always considered to be prone to parenthood, but this is far from being the case. "Indeed, such ladies love to eat, want to their spoiled, they like, when their adore, but herewith themselves they seldom love the sex", - notes the scientist.

For mans, the interested persons something more active, follows to choose the womans with bosom of the type "lemon" flippant and seen. "These women to packed lifes and will die to laugh a little on itself. They prefer the balanced life, not expecting(intending) no surprise".

The Bosom in the manner of berries of grape prominent onward and hard also not quite good sign for qualitative sex. "Such women can look sexual, but indeed, they self-conscious and modest homemakers. She can indulge the desires of the partner, but sex prefers the tenderness".

The Splendid bosom of the oval form (on categorizations "pineapple") expects that her landlady clever, often tries to do the quarry, but in shower remains it is enough romantic. "Such ladies, as a rule, and the most faithfull. But conquer heart of the women-pineapple not so-that simply", - notes uchenyy.

The Womens with small bosom, reminding "berries to cherries" "amusing and it is enough excitable". In beds they are shifty and clever. They beautiful partners for life, but sex their interests in so far as since", - notes the researcher.

Even ladies with bosom - "orange" not so uzh good to raise the degree between sheet. "Since they very sure of itself and exactly know, what wants, sex interests them least of all. They more like the talks and partner's relations".

And, finally, women, whose bosom reminds on the form "pear". "Love the love in all her manifestations. She can be it is enough pious, but knows, what follows to concern with sex", leads total italian sex-physician Pierre Lorenconi.

Italian sex-physician Pierre Lorenconi

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