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Legs of the women and her nature


Beautiful, long legs are pride of the women(woman) conversely, legs of the wrong form woman have to hide under long skirt. Turns out to be, length of the legs depends on hereditary-geographical factors. Beside native of the deserts, the savannahs and cool geographical belt of the leg longer unlike inhabitants warm and humid edge that near by equator.

The Legs of the negro woman, which one growing with white skin by woman, will be a centimetre on three longer. Except this, beside negro woman more long hip, which in higher part are mildly narrowed. The Knee nearly invisibly, but roes long and well outlined, fine harmonize with graceful ankle.

North european folk also have a graceful legs, but they even so not so graceful. The Population Sredizemnomoriya such long legs has not, muscles on them more raised, but foot small. The East people and asians also have a more short legs.

On statement scientist, the form of the legs defines the nature their owner. The Womens, beside which legs short, cost on the land certain and firmly though and suffer from change in mood. Being realist, they solve the life problems easy and quickly, not falling into despair and not undertaking no rash action. Depending on their own personal interest they without labour can change their own glances, go on the most unexpected compromises. Obladatelinicy long legs natures sensitive and romantic, they love dream, they can be occasionly not easily to manage even with small problem in its lifes. They not easily waive the principle constant in their own beliefs.

Much it is important also, as woman "carries" their own legs. Lucky in loving woman has light and beautiful gait. She steps, high lifting head and boldly review in  person surrounding. The Carrying inside go the women timid, have a complexes, uncertain of itself. They by a narrow margin set the contacts up with surrounding and often solitary.

The Known You that on position of Your legs, regardless of that, stay-at-home You or cost, possible judge about some devil of Your nature, about temperament and personalities?

1. Usually You cost exactly, legs together. Beside them balanced nature, practical, tolerant. All will acknowledge You good friend, many rely on on You. But a certain frigidity in external look occasionly disturbs You to adjust the contact with surrounding.

2. Usually You cost more resting in one leg, other several onward. You love to be in the highlight. Beside You active temperament, You know, what want and obtain this, showing flexibility and necessary sobriety in glance. Confidence in itself give You power to obtain the authorities.

3. Usually You cost, broadly having placed legs. You it is difficult to abandon to realization of some intention or ideas. Wake careful, in other event hardness of the nature can address You in harm if You not have a possibility show flexibility in contact with surrounding.

4. Usually You cost with crossing leg. You ambition and often impatient in realization their own elaborated. Ardent, rather excitable temperament spurs You to enterprising. Your ways of the contact, vitality and speed here is Your a trump, but it is necessary now and then to curb its temperament, not giving him too much will.

5. Usually You stay-at-home "leg on leg", having grapped one leg for another. Such a position of the legs meets beside people very reserved, it is not enough sure of itself and even halfhearted. Surrounding consider You too complex nature. Due to its attractiveness and tact You will manage to obtain to You it is correct have valued and have loved.

6. Usually You stay-at-home simply "leg on leg". Regardless of that, what leg You place overhand, You sure of itself. You are- person, knowing how live and using this skill.

7. Usually You stay-at-home exactly, having connected legs together, little having brought forth them onward and resting in the whole foot. You are an sincere, honest, but therefore Your rectilinear does not irritate surrounding. For You typical such quality, as accuracy, methodical, pedantry, innate longing to order, verge on with mania occasionly. Outwardly You look several rather cold, but this deceptive impression. Beside You gilded heart.

8. Usually You stay-at-home, having connected legs together, lifted firing and resting in heels. You reserved and are closed, take up a waiting attitude and are most often found in the defence. You not capable to stand even the most slightest rebuke so beside You over sensitive nature. From misgiving to cause beside You inadequate reaction, surrounding avoid to discuss delicate subjects with You that generates feeling insulated beside You.

9. Usually You stay-at-home, having connected firing and having placed heels. You very halfhearted, excessively punctilious that distresses You, but You nothing can not with itself to do. You often spend time in solitude, communicate basically only with close You people. However You it is enough feel at home with itself and in folk, can produce very exact analysis of the nature of the person. Sometimes You revalue their own abilities.

10. Usually You stay-at-home, little having extended legs onward and crossbreed them. Beside You powerful, jealous nature. You love always and in all be first, dominant on surrounding, with You not easily to communicate. As to change, in the private life particularly, that here You show indecision.

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