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Your legs will not lie

feminine legs

From dictionary: LEGS (feminine, usually two) part of organism, with all sides (parties) surrounded glance.

Pay attention to legs, nice ladies since your personality reveals itself in leg. So considers the known american psychologist Anthony Petropinto from Los-Andzhelesa. The Drumsticks a great deal can tell the observant person: insofar woman aggressive, well well-mannered, feeble or talented. The Language could understand easy, but force their tell lies impossible! Here is several examples. Prismotritesi to him and compare to your drumstick. And then you will be able to answer, rights doctorru Petropinto. Recall, what position take your drumsticks, when you stay-at-home and cost. (Author - Polina Rish)


woman with compressed leg


Woman with compressed leg

The Nature sincere, cultural, openning. Loves and values the punctuality, keeps its word. Loves the order around itself. Modest, taciturn, shy.


woman with extended leg


Woman with extended leg

Such person wants to turn on itself attention, be a soul society. She conservative, beside it strong will. She got accustomed that any her desire is performed immediately.


woman sits on sofa


Woman sits having ed leg

Such women usually have a wild fantasy. Beside it packed creative idea, she possesses the original thinking. In her companies does not long for!


woman compresses knees


Woman compresses knees

Before you woman with strong imagination, she emotional, but delicate. In ditto time timid, is afraid the people. Sometimes makes unweighed and even absurd action, about which, however, does not feel sorry.


woman has placed leg on leg


Woman has placed leg on leg

This lady interesting at all points. She always wins on background of the other womans, under close acquaintance particularly. The Mile, calm, communicating. Hohotushka, fibber and not insolent person.


woman has placed legs, with placed leg


Woman has placed legs, with placed leg

The Personality resolute, with strong will, aggressive and with nature. This woman progressive and modern. She always comes to a conclusion by itself, she does not need the advice-givers. Yes! Else she has a principles, from which she never retreats.


woman cost extended and has compressed legs


Woman cost extended and has compressed legs

The Nature practical. With other she always bes running at distance. Possesses cool wit, thrifty, proud, in relations with opposite floor (sex; paul) always little reserved.


woman cost and crossbreed legs


Woman loves to crossbreed legs

About, this woman ideal charming! But are not tempted (seduced), men! Besid it greater prides. She is ready to go on any risk to meet goal. Apropos, for achievement their own integer often uses the mans.


woman with floor by bent leg


Woman with floor by bent leg

This woman not sure of itsel, nearly always pleasing appearance. She without complex, simpl little scruples. Yes, have no doubt: she much well well-mannered.

woman got up on sock of the leg

Woman got up on sock of the leg

Here all clear this person causing. Beside it constantly something be changed in lifes. She ready to any vicissitudes, risk, dashes with head in whirlpool. Resolute, has sweeped away, often makes the unweighed action. Can leave married for the first counter simply so!

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