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That it is possible to learn about the woman on its handbag

Female handbags and character

We learn the nature of a woman in her purse

What only do not think out ways the man to solve secret of the woman. To define character it is possible on a gait, on arms, on eyes, on hair. The Spanish psychologists have found one more method. They assert, that on what bag is chosen to itself by the woman and as her wears, it is possible to make its psychological portrait. Moreover, the size, colour, the bag form can tell much about the owner.

Lovers of the big bags are vigorous, widely-read, purposeful, at times are impatient. They remarkable wives, careful mothers also do not suffer to themselves an inattention. From love, work, studies wait for immediate return. The woman with the big bag never complicates vital circumstances, preferring comfort and simplicity in all.

Ladies with small handbags differ acute mind and originality of judgements, they always know, that want from a life. The careful care of the appearance and charming pensiveness do the woman with a small-type handbag attractive to men.

Bags of the strict form choose women active and practical. Their fashion – the elegant classics. The lady with such bag knows to itself the price and does not love special attention to the person.

Bags of bizarre design choose natures courageous, initiative and not ordinary. Do not suffer conservatism, in people appreciate first of all oof of private world and sense of humour. Outwardly self-sufficient and unshakable, inside they are very vulnerable: sensitively react to criticism and take hard quarrels.

The proprietress of a bag of black colour is economical and practical. It is difficult to name such lady talkative, she prefers to an extensive circle of friends and acquaintances the most close people. Friends and the partner in life chooses longly, carefully studies, looks narrowly and it will not be convinced yet of correctness of a choice – keeps at distance.

Bags of bright, contrast colours are chosen by active, impudent persons. Their motto: «It is necessary to take from a life on a maximum!». However the excessive emotionality quite often leads up them to scandals or depression.

Light, warm tone of a bag romantic infantile ladies choose. They are very inquisitive and kind. It is difficult to them to give up in the request even to unfamiliar people, than some use. However these women are gained always by the aggravated self-respect.

For the handle the bag is worn by conservative ladies who never will afford obscenities neither in speech, nor in behaviour. Are always punctual, accurate and strict. They cause general respect.

On a fold of the elbow, the arm passed through the handle the bag is worn by women, able to stand for itself. They are distinguished by a practicality and judiciousness, and also absolute inability to say lies.

On a belt through a shoulder:

- If the arm is lowered and inactive, the owner of a bag is constraining and uncertain. It the opinion of associates worries, she is inclined to worry and analyze the unpleasant moments of a life again and again.

- If the arm during walking moves easily and easy is a sign of cheerful character. Such woman is happy with itself, loves the sincere company.

- If the arm is lifted to a shoulder – the bag is carried by the courageous and vigorous woman. Its vital credo: «you Wish to make well – make itself».

For a corner the handbag is carried by the self-confident women indifferent to opinion of associates about. One of lines of their character can be defined as disorder.

Bag under the arm. Such lady is closed, reserved, perfectly feels in loneliness, she can be entrusted responsible work and it is almost impossible to deduce from itself.

On the statistican, ladies' handbags contain on the average 20–30 subjects! Here, that about you it is possible to tell if to glance inside.

The perfect order, testifies that you are punctual, pedantic, self-confident and be able to support conversation. Acquaintances consider you as exclusively brought up and kind person.

If in your bag the absolute chaos reigns, you are a pensive girl. The life often presents you disappointments, but you are ready to give again all up as a bad job and to continue to rejoice love, the sun, dialogue with friends which you have enough.

Among bag contents practically there is nothing superfluous: the things necessary for work, a mobile phone, a hairbrush, lipstick. It is possible to tell about you: the strong-willed and purposeful woman who knows that wants from a life. Colleagues and relatives appreciate you organisation and rationality of the decisions offered by you.

"Unnecessary" things – coupons three-year prescription, theatrical aaplets, commodity checks, tickets at cinema, candy wrappers from sweets, etc. Store natures conservative and not rather the economical. It is difficult to believe in it, but you sincerely believe, that sometime all it necessarily is useful.

Abundance of sentimental bagatelles: photos favourite, children's drawings, talismans and so forth, characterise you as sensitive, vulnerable nature. Often you take all to heart and suffer from misunderstanding of relatives. (Jakovleva Olga)

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