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Ivan Maksimovic Poddubny - biography

Ivan Maksimovic Poddubny

Must also be able to fall, and I'm ne learned.
If we talk about wrestling strength, the stronger the people fall.
My dad, Maxim Ivanovich, was stronger than me.

Ivan Maksimovic Poddubny (Иван Поддубный) — Russian athlete (Greco-Roman wrestling), a professional wrestler, athlete, Honored Artist of Russia[ru] (1939), Honored Master of Sports (1945). Commander of the Order of the Red Banner (1939).

Name a famous wrestler Ivan Maksimovic Poddubniy not disappear with posters for nearly half a century, is well known in many countries of the world. The son of a farmer, a simple loader Black Sea, he eventually became the "king of the circus arena," fought in the largest arenas in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The largest rooms in London and Paris, Rome and Berlin, Budapest and New York applauded enthusiastically welcoming the "Champion of Champions". This title was awarded to him popular rumor, so-called grateful connoisseurs of his talent. Many big names were given to him by his fans: "Ivan invincible", "Thunderstorm Champions", "man-mountain", "Russian hero," "Iron Ivan". For decades Poddubnyi won a brilliant victories over nearly all strong professional wrestlers in the world.

Ivan Poddubny born October 8 (September 26, Old Style), 1871 in a poor family of farmers, in the former province of Poltava, in the village Krasenivke, near Zolotonosha, which at that time was a provincial town (now Chornobaivske District Cherkasy region). His father, a hereditary Zaporizhia Cossack, Maxim Ivanovich, had a small farm. Since childhood, Vanya (eldest son) was accustomed to hard work and a peasant with 12 years of rotten with it grew three brothers and three sisters. He grew up in the same way as all the peasant children. Together with his father and brother of the future champion with boyish years plowed land, ground rye, metal stack. The simplicity of the peasant way of life, hard physical work laid the boy in the nature of the extraordinary tenacity helped amass a mighty force, which later became famous Russian nugget.

The entire genus Poddubnaya had good health and immense physical strength, extraordinary endurance. Ivan's father was a heroic growth and possessed Herculean strength: one, without any tension, raised pyatipudovye sacks of grain, and threw them into the cart. And Vanya had been grown in whole father at age 15 was not afraid to get to grips with it in the fight on the girdle, and in 16 years he easily bends to the ground cow by the horns.

Mom Ivan Poddubniy Anna Danilovna, beautifully sung, came from an old Cossack family Naumenko, their race was famous for his longevity. They say my grandfather Ivan maternal, former soldier, having served in the army for 25 years, lived to 120. Vanya was also thin ear for music. As a child, on Sundays and holidays, he sang in the church choir.

When Ivan was 22 years old, he decided to leave his home and go to work in the Crimea. Someone advised him to go to the south of the country, where you can make good money as a loader in the Sevastopol port. So Poddubnyi did: he took a cargo company "Livas". Sixteen hours a day he spent on the ladder, dragging loads. Worked easily, quickly, with jokes. Here even the most experienced of his colleagues open their mouths in astonishment when he heaped on the shoulders of a huge box that was not under force and three, rose to his full height and huge walked on top of a shaky gangplank. After six months of the glory of the power loader spread in all the ports of the Crimea.

In 1895 the company moved cargo in Feodosia. Soon fate brought Ivan Maksimovic with the two disciples of marine classes Anton Preobrazhensky and Vasily Vasilyev - avid sportsmen, a passionate admirer of weightlifting. They began to persuade him to do sports. First Ivan skeptical to these conversations, but Transfiguration presented Ivan autobiography famous athlete Carl Absa. Poddubniy interested in this book is how the author managed to constant training to increase their natural strength threefold. And this time, he began to get involved in physical exercises. Read the book in weightlifting and wrestling, Ivan made ​​for a program of daily training. Do gymnastics, jumping, doing exercises with weights, dumbbells, in the morning, after charging, running, pour cold water, put the breath. He refused the excesses in food, set the clock meals and strictly comply with them. Stop smoking and alcohol.

In 1896, on tour in Theodosius came Beskaravayny circus. It was an ordinary traveling circus of the time, the troupe which also includes athletes and wrestlers. Every evening, Ivan came to the circus and carefully watched performances of athletes who have broken horseshoe thick bent metal rods, lifting weights and huge ball rod. At the end of the performance offered athlete wishing to repeat a trick for a cash reward. Poddubnyi entered the arena and tried to repeat some tricks. But failed.

After some time, the management of the circus staged Russian championship fight "on their belts." Within two weeks of performances in the arena Poddubnyi never lost a fight. His iron durability, weight and tenacity allowed him to hand victory after victory. Poddubnyi defeated all wrestlers, very famous at that time athletes - Georg Lurich (who later became world champion against the French) Borodanova, Razumov, Semipalogo Italians Pappy. Only one match in the championship ended in a draw. It was a battle with the giant Peter Jankowski, acting under the name of Ursus, who weighed more than ten pounds, and possessed great agility.

Poddubny offered a job in the circus a few months as an athlete. Since he began his career fighter.

Since 1897 the future famous wrestler performed in the circus as an athlete, weightlifter and wrestler. In early 1898 Poddubnyi again moved to Sevastopol, to finally become a wrestler. He enrolled in a local circus, owned Zhizhetto Truzzi. Observant and curious, he quickly adopted and mastered all the subtleties of the fight "on their belts." Became rivals to win not just brute force, but with the help of technology, causing beautiful and trick the audience approval. In the troupe of wrestlers circus "Truzzi," led by Georg Lurich, Poddubnyi Defeat all participants. By the end of the season in a circus, "Truzzi" Poddubnyi became unrecognizable. With awkward and ill athlete he became a sportsman, good master of the technique of struggle and perceive their profession as art.

Sevastopol Poddubnyi moved to Odessa, and then on the proposal Circus Nikitin Brothers (who have struggled for a while on the belt) - in Kiev.

Since 1903, he majored in French (classical) fight and since then had no equal. Win all the major national championships.

On thin supervision of a physician E. Garnich-Garnitskogo, which together with A.Kuprin created in Kiev club athletes, where at one time trained future "Champion of Champions": "Poddubnyi was able to develop at the right moment energy, like an explosion, and not lose" Courage "in the most difficult and dangerous moments of struggle." Poddubnyi was artistic and knew how to please the public. By 1903 he was already an experienced fighter on belts, famous Odessa and Kiev, Tbilisi and Kazan. Repeatedly performed on tour in Russian cities and abroad visited 50 cities in 14 countries.

Glory Ivana Maksimovic Poddubniy grew and gained strength with each passing year. But it annoyed dishonest practices championships, and he almost did not return to work as a loader Theodosius. However, while on tour in Voronezh, he received an invitation to urgently come to St. Petersburg from the chairman of the St. Petersburg Society of athletic Count George Ivanovich Ribotpierre.

Arriving in the capital, he learned that the athletic company has received from the French magazine "Sports" offer to send a representative of Russia in Paris - to compete for the world title against the French in 1903. Immediately started looking for the candidate throughout Russia. It was found that the best fighters than Ivan Poddubny not.

Poddubnyi was invincible in combat belt, and the French only mastered. Prepare for the Championship it started under the guidance of the best coach in the French fight Eyzhena de Paris (it was an old professional wrestler who knew perfectly all the details of the fight), he took on the training of three months. Training days were very intense. He has worked with his student in the city on the Neva River, and two months before the start of the competition brought to Paris.

World Championship against the French took place in 1903, "Casino de Paris", he collected many outstanding fighters of the time. The participant who lost at least one fight, withdraws from the championship. Ivan Poddubny won eleven victories.

The next meeting was to be held in Paris with the champion and a favorite Raoul le Boucher. He was fifteen years younger and up to 2 cm. Went into labor, Poddubnyi felt he could win another victory. The bout started at a very fast pace. Bush tried to stun the opponent cascade rapidly changing classical techniques. Ivan survived this onslaught and he went on the offensive. A few minutes later the Frenchman was already quite wet. It turned out that before the fight Raul smeared olive oil that prohibited competition rules. Poddubnyi stopped the fight and the judges had filed a protest.

Judges checked. Bush wiped dry, but as soon as he began to sweat, oil acted again. French judges instead deduct his defeat, decided to wipe bouncer every 5 minutes. But it did not help - the sweat stood out again. Judges counted Frenchman more points (for skillful moves away from capture), Poddubnyi eliminated from the competition. Packed house greeted the imaginary victory Boucher stony silence.

Russian athletic company offered le Boucher Poddubny fight again and guaranteed him if he wins the prize of 10 000 francs. But the Frenchman declined the offer. Poddubnyi after the championship went to the village. He decided to quit the sport. Only much persuasion of friends and coach made ​​the decision to change.

Soon Ivan took part in the Moscow championship. Already in the first days he put on the blades pet Moscow Ivan Shemyakin Luriha, Jankowski, and won first prize. Then fought in the provinces, where his performance earned notices.

In 1904, the wrestler took part in the competition of athletes where raised without special training on biceps barbell weighing 120 kg! In the same year in the circus "Ciniselli" an international championship against the French. Came outstanding wrestlers such world champions as Paul Pons, Nikola Petrov and Raoul le Boucher.

Championship lasted a month. All Petersburg nobility filled the lodge and the first rows in the circus. Poddubnyi went undefeated. At this time, in a fight with Raul, Poddubnyi so wear down the enemy that Raul admitted defeat. Frenchman lasted 41 minutes, and then turned on the blades. Poddubnyi won first prize and a cash prize of 55 thousand rubles.

Ivan Maksimovic ordered a metal cane for the festivities, which daily walk. In late 1905, he went to Paris for a major international championship with 140 strongest fighters in almost all countries. Poddubny managed to overcome all opponents. Until the last day of the championship he had only one opponent - Dane Peddersen Jesse, whom the international press was considered the strongest man in Europe. Jesse initially took defensive tactics, trying to wear down Ivan. But Dane Poddubnyi outsmarted and defeated him. Ivan Maksimovic were solemnly handed the prize 10,000 francs and a diploma conferring the title of world champion in 1905. Winning Poddubniy was a great event in the history of professional sports. Newspapers were full of reports of "Iron Jesse put on both blades."

Although individual athlete and play fight, but never lost a tournament. Repeatedly won the "World Championships" in the classic struggle among professionals, including the most authoritative of them - in Paris (1905-1908).

Poddubnyi went to Nice and won first prize, then undefeated fighting in Italy, and then went to Algeria and Tunisia. Later there were competitions in Liege, Berlin. After that - the fight in Germany, everywhere he won first place. Went to Paris for the World Championship, and won the championship in second and received the title of world champion. In the same year in Milan won for the third time the world title. In 1907, in Vienna, he won the world title for the fourth time. The press began to call him "Champion of Champions".

Wrestler continued tours in many countries in Europe and never knew defeat. In 1908 Poddubnyi with Ivan Zaikin and Gregory Kashcheyev went to Paris for the World Cup, where he again won. Zaikin took second place, Kascheev - fourth (prize) Poddubnyi fifth time became a world champion. In 1909, for the sixth time was the world champion title in Frankfurt. Poddubnyi never compromised. Even for big money did not agree to act on a pre-planned scenario that is often practiced in circuses.

There are quite clear explanation why wrestlers' zhulyat "and fighting collusion. First, another fighter will not last long. Second, each organizer of the tournament itself yearns to become a "world champion" and invites "pliable". Such "tournaments-chic" in those years have brought humanity almost fifteen hundred "world champions." It was difficult to resist this World booths!

Saying Ivan Zaikina, the famous "Volga hero", and subsequently no less famous balloonist and aviator: "Keep your sporting honor, do not stay on the orders of the organizer of the championship on a certain minute, could only outstanding athletes, such as Ivan Poddubny Ivan Shemyakin, Nicholas Vahturov. "

Buddy Poddubniy known Kerch clown kupletistov Petrus Tarahno, wrote of him: "Everything in it was comparable, all crowded power and manly beauty, all the talk about the power of unusual." Just wrote enthusiastically about Poddubnaya another friend of his son Shakhtar Donetsk, clown acrobat Vitaly Lazarenko.

With its tremendous power, Poddubnyi while different responsiveness and good conduct complex techniques. It was a clever fighter who counted themselves and navigate the possible opponents. For 40 years his sports career, he was unbeaten. Stronger than his opponent was a Pole from Western Ukraine Stanislav Zbyshko-Tsiganevich but that Poddubnyi finally defeated in the United States.

About Poddubnaya again spoke with admiration. He held up the last of his principle of "let put, if he can."

In 1910 Poddubnyi goodbye to the scene and returned to Poltava, in Krasenivku. He dreamed of his home, like family happiness. And then - a forty-something years - it's time! The surroundings and the neighboring native Krasenivki Bogoduhovki he got 120th tithes chernozems (over 131 acres). Bought the same house, which once served as a boy from the landowner Abel. The money was then fighter, and considerable, since Poddubnyi received high fees in Europe. And the title of world champion too generously paid. In the same year, Ivan married Nina Kvitko-Fomenko, settled with her in the village Bogoduhovka, built himself a mansion on an area of ​​13 acre, and also two excellent mills, started a fashionable stroller favored relatives allotments and for three years did not go on the carpet.

He was not a literate man, he wrote with difficulty, punctuation marks, except for periods, Ivan Maksimovic neglected. He was not and sensitive person could "lordly" file a man is not equal to itself, to shake two fingers. Spinning "in the fields", it was easier to put on the blades dozen Grenadier officers than to learn to use a knife and fork. However, there are people who are bad mannered, but the concept of the professional honor (artistic, political or scientific) are the most arbitrary, spending life in the genre of "chic". It is therefore desirable to Poddubnaya and remember and think.

The landlord came out of it bad: a couple of years Poddubnyi ruined. One of his mill burned with evil younger brother, second, as an estate, he sold to repay the debt to their competitors, owners of the nearby mills, some Rabinovich and Zarkhi. But the favorite sport called, Poddubnyi began performing again. In 1913, the wrestling mat again already springy beneath his feet.

In early May 1915 in Yekaterynoslav (in the old circus at the "Ponds") wrestler defeated champion Alexander Garkavenko ("black mask"), and two days later (May 8) - Ivan Poddubny pleased spectators duel with another champion Ivan Zaikin .

Here are some characteristics of the famous Ivan Poddubny given in the album "Wrestlers" (1917) Ivan Lebedev (Uncle Vanya): "Ivan Poddubny broke the world's best fighters without any regret, and without the slightest hesitation. Silenus was that natural hurricane. In a push - out of competition. If, happened, especially the enemy desperately resists Poddubnyi necessarily on his foot on the ground comes. Was terrible not only for Russian, but also for all foreign fighters: Do not throw so broken. Now is the mill and it was in his native province of Poltava and fights in the aureole of the last great glory. Old him 45 years. "

In 1919, Ivan Poddubniy in Zhytomyr circus shot almost drunken anarchists. He fled, throwing things, wandered without money. A little later in the Kerch shot him drunk officer scratched his shoulder. In 1919 he defeated the best fighters of Makhno's army in Berdyansk. In the Civil War Poddubnyi not joined any of the parties not to take up arms, he fought in the circus. In 1920 he was arrested by the Cheka, Odessa and sentenced to death (in these dungeons of each shot, suspected of anti-Semitism). Poddubniy knew in person, understood, was released. And here and news from homeland: Ivan Maksimovic wife found a replacement. Also picked up medals. He stopped eating and talking, and then find out someone else.

Since 1922 Poddubnyi worked in the Moscow State Circus, then he was invited to the Petrograd circus. Of course, it was not the same Poddubnyi who knew him thousands of fight fans, although he was still very strong. But it did not have the fighting spirit, which just recently tripled his already considerable forces.

In 1922, Ivan Maksimovic married again. In Rostov-on-Don, where he was on tour, Poddubnyi met with the mother of a young wrestler Ivan Mashonina Maria Semyonovna. Woman working in a bakery. Widow too liked this mighty and kind person, so she agreed to become his wife, and later married. With means was tight, in order to start a new life with Maria Semyonovna needed money, and Poddubnyi went on tour in Germany, where he worked up a sweat for a year. In Germany, he triumphed over all rivals, most of whom were younger than him.

However, these were not those fees, which could allow him a comfortable life, and in the autumn of 1925 Ivan Maksimovic went to distant America, where he had to learn the rules of wrestling, which resolved footboard and receptions held down. But frightened illustrious champion is not the new rules, and the unhealthy excitement that causes bouts of the public. And the dirtier and harder struggle was fought, the more the audience was happy.

A month Poddubnyi was ready to fight on the carpet with American fighters. The first battle took place in New York. All of America many were waiting to fight with champion Poddubniy America the same year Joe Stecherom known for its terrible "scissors" (seizure of the feet), with which he managed to win even Ivan Zaikina. Confident Joe intended to test his formidable weapon and Poddubnaya. Imagine the disappointment of Americans when intense battles ended in a draw.

February 23, 1926 about it "pipe" all telegraphs planet: "The other day, Ivan Poddubny won in New York the best fighters of the new world, having won the title of" Champion of America. "The six-time world champion among professionals impressed everyone not only his phenomenal strength and skill, but sports longevity, because in 1926 he was 55 years old, he always asked to write it as a Russian fighter.

Poddubnyi made ​​a splash in America, then another two years traveling the American city.

In November 1939 in the Kremlin him for outstanding achievements "in the development of Soviet sport" was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor, and was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Longing for Ukraine Ivan Poddubniy swept heart, and by the end of 1927, he announced his departure. Organizers fighting not want to lose such a fighter. As in Europe, and it is tried to bribe and intimidate, and even make a drunkard, he urged, blackmailed and even threatened, but the hero never wavered, nothing could keep him in a strange Poddubniy America. At the age of 57 he was recognized as the most beautiful man in the international competition of male beauty in the USA.

Asked who was his greatest love, Poddubnyi replied: "Ukraine, of course, but then who else?" His victory in the sport, he explains: "to go on stage, I prayed for Ukraine. Therefore, and win!"

Ivan Maksimovic defeated allotted to him the trials and temptations. In 1927, on the way from New York, his ship stopped in Hamburg, who appreciate the true class fighter, flunked his flowers. Leningrad met him as meet their heroes. In his honor were built sports. In 1927 he won in Arkhangelsk, Vologda famous fighter Mikhail Kulikov.

He moved to the cozy town Yeisk, where he bought a nice house with a large garden. But the wrestling mat Ivan Maksimovic never thought to leave, toured and performed at the circus arena until 1941 (before age 70 years). All of his fights he finished wins. Combines great physical strength with filigree wrestling techniques.

In the prewar years around fighter was organized conspiracy of silence. After the conclusion in 1939 of the agreement between the USSR[ru] and Germany German athletic company started looking Poddubniy. In order not to embarrass myself in front of his ally, the Kremlin bosses Poddubniy summoned to Moscow, gave him the Order of the Red Banner of Labour and the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR for a really outstanding service "in the development of Soviet sport". Europe already was at war. He was allowed to meet with German athletes but to accept their invitation to Germany was not allowed. Refused to go to Germany to prepare the German athletes, said, "I - Russian wrestler. And they'll stay."

bust Ivan Poddubny
Yeisk, bust Ivan Poddubny

During the German occupation of Yeisk Poddubnyi started a friendship with the German head of the port, which was a fan of his. Once, when asked hero from Poltava, Ukraine as there is now, he replied: "Stalin was the devil, and the devil has a Hitler, das ist BADEA aynen Worth", ie it is the same word.

During the German occupation, the septuagenarian Ivan Maksimovic to feed the family, was forced to serve as a marker in the urban billiard. After his release in 1943 Yeisk - again touring. For the Soviet Union, he was "undefeated Russian fighter" and local "authorities" - Ukrainian nationalists. He is acutely experienced Russification Kuban populated descendants Zaporozhye Cossacks.

Powerful muscles Poddubniy and his successors, among whom were army commanders, epitomized Soviet power. Ivan Maksimovic served as a prototype of the hero of the film "The Wrestler and the Clown" (1957).

In December 1945, when the noted 60th anniversary of the Athletic Society, 74-year-old IM Poddubny was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR. He was active and had a conversation, did appeal, signed: "The Russian hero Ivan Poddubny." In 1947. he performed with the program "50 years in the circus."

Videos about Ivan Maksimovic Poddubniy. Newsreel, 1912

Ivan Poddubny died on August 8, 1949 in Eyske - a small resort town on the shore of the Azov Sea, from a heart attack, at the seventy-seventh year of life, the terrible poverty and hunger. For food he had to sell all the awards won by Soviet power recalled his "pride", only when it was necessary to show off in front of the press and foreign guests.

He was buried in Yeisk city park, which now bears his name. At home Poddubniy a marble bust of the "Champion of Champions". On a black stone carved tombstones in gold letters: "Here lies the Russian hero." Nearby are the Museum of IM Poddubniy and sports school in his name. In addition it is named after the icebreaking ship.

In 1955 in Moscow published a book titled "Russian hero Ivan Poddubny." Russia used to consider it his own, that is Russian! And only in the Ukrainian Soviet Encyclopedia (Volume 8, 1982) Ivan Poddubny named Ukrainian athlete. Since 1962, the annual international competition in the classic struggle for the prize named after IM Poddubniy. In 1988, on his tomb stele was broken, and her brown paint wrote: "Ukrainian-petlyurovets!"

Active surge of interest in "Champion of Champions" came third of a century ago, when celebrated its 100 year anniversary.

There are individual, the experience of life which people return from generation to generation, as if confirming: without them the future of the people would be complete. Such a person is unquestionably and nugget of Krasenivki Ivan Poddubny.

In 2014, Russia released a biographical drama film "Poddubnyi" Russian director Gleb Orlov, which tells about the life of the legendary fighter of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union (box office from 10 July 2014). In the starring actor Michael Porechenkov. Michael E. seriously approached in preparing for the title role in the film, about the strong man of the 20th century. To get used to the role of the famous wrestler, actor spent two months to 9 hours of training, practicing up to the ideal of wrestling techniques. Comply with the special protein diet, resulting scored 20 kg of weight, that would be like Ivan Maksimovic.

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