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Valery Borisovich Kharlamov - biography

Valery Borisovich Kharlamov

Valery Borisovich Kharlamov (Валерий Харламов) — an outstanding Russia[ru] hockey (ice hockey), Honored Master of Sports, two-time Olympic champion. Zodiac — Capricorn.

"Valery Kharlamov was born on the night of 13 to 14 January 1948 in Moscow in a working class family. His father worked as a mechanic Boris Sergeyevich a test at the "Communard" mother - Ariba Orbat Herman or Begonita, a Spaniard by birth, who came to the age of 12 in the USSR[ru] in the late 30s - worked at the same factory. Also Valera family Kharlamov had another child: daughter Tatiana.

Ironically, Valery Kharlamov was born in the car: a young mother drove to the hospital and the contractions started right in the cockpit of the car. Boris Kharlamov left his wife in the hospital, and he with a bundle in his hands, where her clothes off to walk to the hostel where they lived then a young wife (subway at that time no longer worked). On one of the streets of a lone traveler with a suspicious nodule noticed a police patrol. He was asked to go to the police with what he gladly accepted: frost was creepy and stomp to the house was already unbearable. The department Boris S. warmed up and policemen treated tobacco.

- I have a son born today - he said his companions once again. - Named Valery, in honor of Valery Chkalov.

Voice Valery Kharlamov - excerpt from an interview
Vladimir Vysotsky "Professionals" (about hockey)
Coward doesn't play hockey - Lev Leshchenko

Boris Kharlamov recalls: "Valerik born very weak. Weighed less than three pounds, and had to wait for the hero from the then-then the card feeding. I was washing, as usual, with the guys legs in the hostel. We lived at the time with his wife in the quarters Begonitoy large room partitioned off from the other families plywood partition... "

At age 7 Valery Kharlamov first started skating with his father and went to the ice rink. Ice hockey had already firmly on his feet in our country and in popularity not inferior football. Many of those days boys dreamed to be like Vsevolod Bobrov or Ivan Tregubova. Dreamed about it and Valera. However, on the way to this cherished dream suddenly fell obstacle - health. In March 1961 Kharlamov became ill with angina, which gave complications to other organs: doctorru discovered he had a heart defect and practically put an end to any activity of the child. From this moment Valera banned from attending physical education classes, run in the yard, lift weights, swim and even attend summer camp. Otherwise, the doctors said, the boy would die.

Валерий Борисович ХарламовValery Borisovich Kharlamov However, if the mother Valeria reconciled with such a diagnosis, his father thought otherwise. So when the summer 1962 on Leningrad Prospect opened old rink, he took his son there - recorded in the hockey section. In that year, took the boys in 1949, but Valery Kharlamov, with his small stature, he looked so young that it was not difficult to introduce the second coach of CSKA Konstantinov Kulagina deceived about his age. Kharlamov was the only time of the dozens of boys who took section. And when did cheating was discovered, Valera had already so like the coach that of the dismissal of his section could not be considered.

Recalls A. Maltsev, "Valery somehow in moments of our special intimacy admitted: "As a boy, I seriously cried once. That was when I started playing in the youth team of CSKA and I first judge removed for two minutes. Here I wept - was bitter that the guys left in the minority. And when pressed to the board, was shot down on the ice - suffered as if nothing had happened. "

"In 1969, 20-year-old Valery Kharlamov became world champion, thereby setting the record: like him to take off at such a young age did not know any hockey player of the Soviet Union."

"... Valery Kharlamov was the only European hockey player, whose portrait adorns the Hockey Hall of Fame Museum stands in Toronto."

Valery Kharlamov - Olympic champion (1972, 1976), multiple world champion, European and 11-time champion of the USSR (1969-1981). Fedor Ibatovich Ra'zac. Dossier on stars. 1962-1980. - Moscow: ZAO Publ EKSMO Press, 1999, p. 660.

Players Boris Mikhailov, Vladimir Petrov, Valeri KharlamovValery Kharlamov played in the attack one triple with BP Mikhailov and Vladimir Petrov. According to club coach AV Tarasov, from the very beginning his sports career talented and able-bodied young man featured "explosive quickness of movement and maneuver on the ice, lightning-fast response to the slightest change in a game situation and the behavior of partners and opponents, non-standard technical speed of thought."

His goals clapped rivals

September 17, 1974 in Quebec City during a meeting with the team of the USSR national team of professionals in the WHA (World Hockey Association) Valery Kharlamov scored a goal, which led to the astonishment and delight of tens of thousands of fans in the stands. Renowned Canadian defender Claude Tremblay recalled: "I still do not understand how this striker left us in the cold. But one thing I know for sure: there is no other such a player... ". In the Canadian press about the goals scored wrote - "gourmet goal."

In the spring of 1976 Valery Kharlamov had a car accident, doctors recommend to forget about hockey (dvuhlozhechny fractured right tibia, two broken ribs, a concussion, a lot of injuries). But six months later Kharlamov returned to hockey and was still one of the best strikers. Only 15 years to his sports career, he played 438 matches and scored for CSKA 293 goals, 123 games were played for the Soviet national team at the World Championships and Olympic Games and scored 89 goals.

Valery Kharlamov - a leading player in the USSR team CSKA Moscow striker.

Cruel fate

August 27 1981 Valery Kharlamov - one of the best players of our time - and his wife, Irina, who was sitting behind the wheel, died in a car accident.

Talented hockey player distinguished himself by his son Alexander (r.1975), a graduate of the junior hockey school CSKA party World Youth Championships (1994 and 1995) in the Russian team. Since 1997, the National Hockey League (NHL). (V.I. Linder)

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Валерий Борисович Харламов Тройка игроков Петров, Михайлов, Харламов Валерий Харламов Валерий Харламов - виктори Валерий Харламов с женой и сыном


1974. Canada - USSR. Famous Goal Valery Kharlamov:

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