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Fruit will tell about character of the woman

This test has been offered by the girl, hence - is plausible

From the author of a site: someone can tell ― a lie all it. I object so: character[ru] (and many other things in the person) depends on biochemical processes in an organism. At everyone they different, are more exact ― chemical reactions identical, but different concentration of co-operating substances. For example, if the woman a little disputed for maintenance one chemical substances if too kind ― others are necessary to "this chemical reaction". Here also it turns out, that for "feed" of energy of the behaviour the person uses that fruit and vegetables in which these substances to contain in larger quantity.

It explains, why one pregnant women, for example, love salty, others ― beer (with me at university the woman, mother of three children whom being in position the passion as beer wanted studied, some litres a day used). Upon termination of pregnancy of bent for to beer - as did not happen.

So, we look:

ORANGES are eaten with daily lovely women-kitties. They very communicative, find common language literally with all people, irrespective of their social status. And the main thing — "oranges", not wishing to anybody to be a burden, prefer to hammer the happiness.

WATER-MELONS love women who carefully plan every minute the life. And if it is necessary, do not regret neither the, nor another's forces and time to finish conceived to the logic ending. The most difficult ball of problems of the woman - "water-melons" will untangle by all means.

BANANAS — a favourite delicacy of strong-willed, courageous ladies. They, as generals in skirts, in any business always ahead, on a fighting game, are not afraid of any difficulties and responsibility. However, happens, that these women run into a melancholia.

GRAPES are chosen by very reserved women. Such not only do not like to argue on the sores and internal problems, but also in associates appreciate ability to store another's secrets. These ladies can be entrusted the most secret.

PEARS love women friendly, possessing quiet character. They, by the way, remarkable mistresses, prepare — fingers will lick! Besides, women — "pears" have also art talents, usually well draw or embroider.

The STRAWBERRY — a favourite delicacy of the lady, able to choose and enjoy beautiful, expensive things. Such women well matched only to rather well-founded men.

PEACHES prefer vulnerable and constraining natures. Shyness their pore passes any borders, and from the party it seems, that these women — prudish and cold dolls. But it not always so: behind external restraint "peach" ladies hide the gentle soul.

PLUMS are used more often by the women inclined to flights in a dream both in reality and a few — to a melancholia. Sometimes they go down from heavens on the guilty earth and most advantageously realise the dreams in creativity.

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