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Michael Osipovich Dolivo-Dobrovolsky - biography

Михаил Осипович Доливо-Добровольский

Michael Osipovich Dolivo-Dobrovolsky (Михаил Осипович Доливо-Добровольский) — Russian electrical engineer, the founder of engineering of a three-phase current.

Michael Dolivo-Dobrovolsky was born on December, 21st, 1861 (on January, 2nd 1862), in Petersburg. In 1878 it has arrived in the Riga polytechnical institute, but has been excluded for participation in political performances of students. In 1884 Michael has ended the higher technical school in Darmstadt in Germany and has gone to work the designer on factories of the electrotechnical company of Thomas Alva Edison (subsequently firm AEG; since 1909 Dolivo-Dobrovolsky was the director of this firm).

Michael Osipovich has improved moving-iron ammetres and voltmeters for measurement of constant and variable currents (1887 - 1888). To a various sort of measuring means has successfully applied a principle of the engine with rotating magnet field (1892). Has created also devices for elimination in phones of hindrances from electrical networks of heavy currents (1892), has invented a way of division of pressure of the direct current, based on application of the stationary coil of inductance which he named a voltage divider (1893).

In 1888 Dolivo-Dobrovolsky has constructed the first three-phase generator of an alternating current with rotating magnet field capacity of 2,2 kw, has offered the asynchronous motor of a three-phase alternating current with a rotor from cast iron with get the hollow copper cylinder. Soon the design of the asynchronous electric motor has been considerably improved by application of a rotor of type of "the squirrel wheel» (1889).

During the same period the scientist has developed all elements of three-phase circuits of an alternating current: transformers of a three-phase current (1890), starter rheostats, measuring means (for example, the phasometer, 1894), schemes of inclusion of generators and engines a star and a triangle and others..

On August, 25th, 1891 at the World electrotechnical exhibition in Frankfurt am Main M.S.Dolivo-Dobrovolsky has shown the first-ever three-phase system of transfer of the electric power on distance about 170 km. Michael Osipovich the first has offered widely applied method of clearing of an electric arc in switching off devices (1910 - 14). In 1919 it has put forward position that transfer of an electrical output of a reactor by an alternating current on the big distances (hundreds and thousand in km) will appear irrational because of considerable losses in a line.

Michael Osipovich Dolivo-Dobrovolsky has died on November, 15th,  1919, in Heidelberg, Germany.

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