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International condom day - February 13

The international day of condom

Original article in Russian[ru] - Международный день презерватива.

This date entered the world calendars in 2007, but the events dedicated to this day are becoming more creative and diverse every year. The goal of the day is to educate sexually active people about the condom as a reliable method of contraception and protection against sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. It is celebrated on February 13.

Condom (French prservatif, from late Latin praeservo — "protect"), also condom (FR. condom) is a barrier type of contraception, as well as a means of protection against many sexually transmitted pathogens. It is an impenetrable cover for sperm, which is put on the erect penis. Designed to prevent conception and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Modern condoms are most often made of latex, although other materials, such as polyurethane, are also used.

People have long faced the problem of protection from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. What was not used for this in ancient times - animal guts, fish bladders, muscle tissue, linen bags. According to many sources, the world's first condom was made of leather[en], and its owner was the Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Around the same time, the Japanese invented a similar product called "kawagata" made of very soft and thin leather. With the discovery of vulcanization in 1839 — a process that allows you to turn rubber into a strong elastic rubber — condoms were born in 1844. The first latex contraceptive was invented in 1919, it was thin and did not have an unpleasant smell of rubber. And the first lubricated condom was released only in 1957.

The production of condoms has now become high-tech and fully automated. At all stages, the quality and strength of products are monitored, and defective samples are immediately destroyed.

This small product has undergone many transformations and has been significantly improved. Today, condoms are made from the finest latex, which is almost invisible on the body. There are numerous variations of products: in shape and aroma. Everything is done to eliminate the feeling of discomfort when using condoms.

Despite its compact size and simple design, the most common condom can save us from many problems. Its ultra-thin latex film protects us from many dangerous sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Of course, you can not give a 100% guarantee for any contraceptive product, including a condom, but it is still the most effective tool. Affordable prices and a wide range of products allow everyone to choose the right product and use it as needed. Neglecting this little thing is fraught with serious health[ru] problems or unwanted pregnancy.

Many, especially young people, do not have sufficient and timely information about the basics of safe sex[ru] and enter into sexual contact without protection. It is for bringing such important moments to a large number of people that the world condom day was created. During the celebration, topical issues related to sexual contacts are raised in different parts of the world and various competitions are held, where the basics of sex education are told in a simple form in a game.

International condom day is an important holiday that fulfills educational and educational missions and helps to save the lives[ru] and health[ru] of many people.

History of the condom

The history of condoms goes back at least four hundred years — it was invented at the beginning of the XVI century by Dr.[ru] Charles Condom for Henry VIII and was made from the mucous membrane of the intestines of a sheep. The oldest extant condom was found in Lund, Sweden and dates back to 1640. According to some reports, condoms were used in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.

The word condom first appears in the early 19th century, although the word condon is mentioned in 1666. According to one version, "condom" comes from the name of the traveler Condamine (who developed the metric system and proved for the first time that the earth[ru] is flattened from the poles), who discovered latex for Europeans. According to another version, the word owes its origin to a friend of the English king Charles II, a certain doctor Kondom or count kondomsky (Earl Of Condom), who allegedly invented condoms. However, there is no evidence of the existence of such a person. In addition, condos had existed for more than 100 years by the time Charles II ascended the throne.


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