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On increasing interest in transport and infrastructure solutions UST Inc.

Anatoly Yunitskiy

Interest in UST Inc.'s transport and infrastructure solutions continues to grow (this article is in Russian - here). During the EXPO 2020, numerous delegations from different countries[ru] got acquainted with the company's technologies. Active cooperation concerning the implementation of targeted projects has already begun with representatives of some States.

These and other details are in the July 2022 interview of the Russian[ru] scientist, inventor and entrepreneur Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitskiy[ru] (born April 16, 1949).

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Question: "Where exactly are you now?"

Answer: I will tell you about what we are doing now and what results we have achieved. I am on a business trip to the United Arab Emirates. We are working within the framework of an international marketing company that aims to develop our projects around the world[ru]. We are working on many projects, but I can't tell you about it in more detail for a number of reasons, because no one canceled the competition. And the closer we are to entering the market, the stronger the competition is felt. Moreover, in most countries, including thanks to our activity, including our participation in EXPO 2020, they began to understand that the future belongs to second-level transport, not first-level. And there are a number of reasons for this.

In particular, we see this by looking at the example of cable cars. Previously, they were used for cargo transportation, as well as as attractions and tourist transport in mountainous areas. Now cable cars are considered more and more as urban transport. At the same time, they have a significant number of disadvantages. For example, cable cars have a limited length of the route. If the route is longer than 10 km, then it is necessary to lay a new route, and passengers should change trains. In addition, it is a non-self-propelled transport. The booths are pulled by the rope itself. This requires a lot of energy.

We know this because we are currently working in a number of countries where cable cars were considered a priority. Here, for example, is more data that we received from them, and which we ourselves were somewhat surprised by. Many assumed that the rope needed to be replaced every 10 years, but it turned out that the rope needed to be replaced every 3-4 years. After all, in the tropics, where high humidity and sea salts are contained in the air, ropes rust very quickly and fail. I.e. if the cable car will work for 100 years, it will have to be completely stopped 30 times to replace the ropes.

Cable cars have many other disadvantages that our string technologies do not have. In fact, it is a kind of tram: steel wheels move along a steel rail, which is protected from mechanical damage and climatic influences (humidity, corrosion, etc.) by an armored body and composite material. Energy losses when moving a steel wheel on a steel rail are five times lower than when rolling a wheel on a rope.

String technologies have a number of other advantages. One of them is that SkyWay transport is cheaper than cable cars, which may seem strange to someone. Nevertheless, we are negotiating in many countries that focus on cable cars. And they say that the cost of a cable car per kilometer is about $ 20 million. We have always noted that the cost of string roads is lower. Of course, it all depends on the terrain through which the highway passes, on the height of the track structure, the length of the spans and other factors. The cost may be about 7, 8, 10 or 15 million dollars, but not 20. Our technology is cheaper, better, more reliable, more durable.

During EXPO 2020, we hosted a lot of delegations. As a result of these meetings, we are already working on the implementation of commercial projects that were born as a result of these meetings. It is for this reason that I am now here in the UAE. It was from these meetings that active work began.

The exhibition was held not far from our sky Center, so EXPO guests could easily get to us to see uST technologies. We made our exhibition in Sharjah, next to the EXPO. And during EXPO 2020, more than a hundred delegations visited us. This:

I will list only a part of the countries from which the delegations came to us: USA[ru], UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China, Canada, India, Brazil, Ukraine[ru], Mexico, Germany, Turkey, Pakistan, Vietnam, Iraq, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Romania, Estonia, Nigeria, Colombia, Croatia, Tunisia, Peru, Lesotho, Dominican Republic and other countries in the number of more than 60.

Most of the visits led to a serious interest in the transport and infrastructure solutions of Unitsky String Technologies. Representatives of the majority of the listed States have begun active cooperation regarding the implementation of targeted projects in these countries. Our main engineering company located in Minsk, SkyWay Technologies CJSC, joined this process. The work includes dozens of directions, dozens of targeted projects. These are freight transport systems, both urban and intercity.

We are currently building two more lines for SkyWay transport, each with a length of 2.4 km. Anchor supports are already ready for one line, they are being built for the second line. And these are not just anchor supports, they are combined with stations and depots. These tracks are designed for a heavy load. By this parameter, they surpass those complexes that we implemented earlier. To explain the differences, it is necessary to recall that a rail-string overpass is a kind of bridges and overpasses. The cost of the overpass depends on the load for which it is designed. And it's quite another thing when freight trains have to move along it.

The cost will be different. So technical and engineering solutions should be different, and the consumption of materials and other things. And the two lines that we are building are designed for the movement of heavy vehicles. Before that, we used lighter ones that weighed no more than 10 tons — the mass of loaded cars. The routes that we are building are designed for the transportation of sea containers weighing up to 35 tons (these are 40-foot containers). Together with the weight of the machine — about 60 tons.

And we designed such a route to show that our transport is able to pass through mountains and other obstacles. To do this, we made a system with long spans — 288 meters between the supports. I.e., the load increased and the spans increased. Anchor supports, of course, are designed for heavy loads. Each of the anchor nodes that we are currently mounting can withstand a tension of about 1000 tons, and this is 10 wagons fully loaded with ore. And one seemingly small anchor support is able to withstand such a load. Moreover, this effort is horizontal, not vertical.

We set world records. A whole transport and infrastructure complex has already been certified, which includes not only rolling stock (unimobile), but also stations, depots, control rooms, intermediate supports, anchor nodes, switches and other elements. But this is the fourth generation. And today we are already designing the fifth generation: transport, track structure and other elements of the complex. This is a completely different technique, more advanced. In this regard, we are naturally ahead of our competitors.

Now the new unimobile, which we designed and produced, is being tested in Belarus. Then it will be delivered to the uSky center. And we will demonstrate the capabilities of the fifth generation machine. Such vehicles can be formed into trains by analogy with trains. Thus, we enter the market not only with what we show, but also with a more perfect.

Some say that Yunitskiy created a design bureau in Minsk and named it SkyWay Technologies CJSC. Many people do not understand that we have created and operate not one, but more than 50 design bureaus. And they are all united in one company — SkyWay Technologies. After all, the existing complex is formed from many different elements. And a separate design bureau is responsible for each of them.

For example, one specializes in the design of rails, the other — motor wheels. These are completely different tasks. It's one thing, for example, to make a reliable frame for a unibus, another thing is to make a reliable support or reliable anchor node. These are completely different areas, each of which should be handled by highly qualified specialists. And we have all this.

In fact, I managed, and I am proud to say this, to create not even one, but several schools on string technologies: scientific, design and engineering. After all, designing and designing are also different things. It is one thing to install supports, make a foundation, design elements of the complex taking into account the specifics of the soil (on weak soils, on swamp, sand or just on ordinary land, etc.). This is design. But another thing is to construct a car, its elements. Therefore, there is design and construction.

Therefore, I repeat: we have three scientific[ru] schools. This is also confirmed by the fact that we have already received more than 100 patents, certificates for inventions, certificates for industrial designs and trademarks. Dozens of scientific papers have been published. And for the last 3 years — 5 scientific monographs.

Question: why do you always remain optimistic? Through knowledge, faith, or hope? Which of these can be called decisive?

Answer: Probably, it is faith in people, trust in people. I realized a long time ago that one in the field is not a warrior. Something great and meaningful cannot be created alone. Alone, you can only create a work of art. For example, a picture or a song. But alone it will not be possible to create, for example, a transport and infrastructure industry, an industry.

Art is something individual. These are thoughts expressed with the help of words or colors. But the field in which we work is not limited only to thoughts. Of course, thinking is important, but it is necessary to embody thoughts, their materialization. When you need to lay thousands of cubes of concrete, build thousands of square meters of production space, create the most complex transport, attract thousands of engineers, scientists, specialists... How can all this be done alone? And how can all this be created without faith in people? It is impossible not to trust partners, but at the same time want to make a successful project together.

There will be nothing without trust, but, unfortunately, many perceive trust as a weakness. They believe that once they trust, it means they are weak. So they can steal, take away. But in the end, those who think so find themselves in places not so remote. I had one such partner. For a certain period of time, he performed important functions in the project, including those related to investments. When the situation in my understanding went too far and could lead to serious problems, including in our work, I wrote an open letter. It was posted on the Internet[ru]. It stated that we do not work with this fund because its methods are unacceptable to us. We don't need investments from their side.

Other people who tried to abuse my trust didn't get what they wanted from it either. Someone has lost a fortune, billions. There were two oligarchs among my partners. Now they are left with nothing. As you can see, people who deceive trust have a sad fate, as a rule.

Question: As a person who has already successfully launched a startup, and a startup creating an industry, I would like to ask you a question. What advice would you give to people who are following the same path that you have gone far ahead of, as you say, everyone and forever?

Answer: I wish to study, study and study again ((c): V.I. Lenin) in order to know and understand more. And to learn not only what will allow you to earn. After all, in the understanding of many, knowledge is necessary only to make a profit. But you need to study to understand how the world works. It is important to know history, to study traditions and religions, to understand how the universe, planets, Earth[ru] were formed, how and why we appeared and what happened before us.

It is important to understand the laws. But not only the laws of business, but real laws — describing the structure of the world. But now they teach this way: "Take a loan at such and such a percentage, then do so and you will earn." But that's not right.

And it is also important to gain knowledge about ourselves. After all, we don't even know ourselves as an organism. Now, for example, specialties that relate to artificial intelligence, programming and other things have become fashionable. I think this is wrong.

Why is that? Because civilization seems to have a desire to replace man with something artificial. But how can a person be replaced? At least find out who you are, man.

when I, as an engineer, became interested in the problem of artificial intelligence, I thought how complex our brain is. And how can artificial intelligence compare with it? And if not, can artificial intelligence control our lives[ru], as many claim today? How, for example, is the smallest particle, DNA, complex? It is so complicated that it is more complicated than the entire industry created in the entire history of mankind!

Just imagine, about 100 billion people have lived on the planet throughout history. And everything that these people have created with their collective intelligence is simpler than a DNA macromolecule. And I'm not talking about the cell, which is millions of times more complex, or about the organ, about the brain, about the human body as a whole.

How can artificial intelligence manage all this? They can assume that artificial intelligence will replace humans only because people are not smart enough. They have not received proper education and knowledge. They were only taught how to make money. Including with the help of artificial intelligence.

And people moving in this direction can ruin humanity. This threat can be compared to a situation when a monkey is playing with a grenade. The animal does not realize that the grenade can explode. That is why it is necessary to learn progressive knowledge that leads to the origins of nature. And nature is the same physics, chemistry, mathematics.

Then you need to learn how to apply this knowledge correctly. Not to the detriment. After all, it is possible to create, for example, a bioweapon that will get out of control and destroy humanity. Including the creator of this weapon himself, who will be no exception. He will also be destroyed.

Look at how many people on the planet are doing this today: they receive appropriate education and even Nobel prizes. But this is a wrong development. What we do and how we live should be based on the necessary knowledge and traditions that we received from our ancestors.

Traditions are also not accidental — it is necessary to preserve and honor these traditions. They form society. And we are social beings. We cannot exist alone, by ourselves. We must definitely be part of society. And the foundation of society has always been the family. Therefore, it is necessary to protect such a social institution as the family, and not destroy it, as is happening today in the West. Family is a tool for knowledge transfer. Children should listen to parents and teachers who are more intelligent and experienced. Only by absorbing the right knowledge, you can understand your purpose. It is important. After all, we did not decide to appear ourselves, but were created in order to fulfill our destiny

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