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Dynasty (original article in Russian Династия) (the term comes from the Greek "δνναστεία" — "power, domination") — in monarchical States[ru] a sequence of monarchs from the same family, who succeeded each other on the throne by right of inheritance, for example — the Romanovs in Russia[ru], the Valois and Bourbons in France, the Qin in China. Dynasty called by the name of the founder or the founder (the Rurik dynasty, Genghis Khan, the Jagiellonian dynasty) or of a prominent representative (the Carolingians).

In a figurative sense, a dynasty is a series of people who come from the same family, who continue the Affairs of their parents, follow in their footsteps.

Monarchy (the term comes from the Latin "monarchia", from the ancient Greek "monarchy" "monarchy" "single, single" + "ἀρχή" "power, domination") is a form of government or state system in which the Supreme state power partially or completely belongs to a person — the monarch, who holds the position of head of state and bears the appropriate title (King, Emperor, Prince, Duke, Archduke, in the East — the Sultan, Emir, Khan, in ancient Egypt — Pharaoh, etc.) for life. As a rule, the monarchy is hereditary.

There are types of government in which the official power is partially held by the monarch, but in fact the power is held by the Parliament (for example, in Spain, Belgium, Great Britain[ru], Denmark, and the Netherlands).

A monarch (the origin of the term from the Greek "monarchos") is a single head of state who exercises power in his own right, rather than as a delegation. With rare exceptions, the monarch's power is for life and is passed on in the order of succession. In all monarchical countries, the person of the monarch is inviolable and is not subject to any responsibility. Monarchs are the kings of Belgium, great Britain, Denmark, Spain, Sweden; the Sultan of Malaysia, Brunei, Oman; the Emir of Kuwait; the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, the Prince of Liechtenstein.

List of the most famous dynasties in history

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