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International Lefthanders Day - description and history of the holiday

left handers day

International Lefthanders Day (this article is in Russia[ru] - Международный день левшей) was first celebrated on August 13, 1992 on the initiative of the British[ru] Lefthanders Club, created two years earlier.

According to statisticians, about 10% of the world's[ru] population is left-handed. In everyday life, they often have to face such a problem as the adaptability of many household items to the needs of right-handed people: writing materials, computer mice, kitchen tools, manual coffee grinders and mills.

Those who use the left hand as a guide, more than 500 million people around the world[ru], strive on this day to attract the attention of designers, manufacturers and sellers of goods to the need to take into account the convenience of left-handers when using various items.

On August 13, left-handed public organizations organize various events and competitions "against the contrary", not allowing participants to use their right hand when eating, working, and various subtle manipulations.

In Russia, lefties were forbidden to testify in court, it was believed that the devil himself was left-handed. In the Soviet Union[ru], all left-handers were retrained without fail at school, which could cause psychological stress and lower student academic performance. Psychologists believe that all these left-handed people have a strong character[ru] and a powerful creative potential.

20 interesting facts about lefties

Famous people are left - handed

The list of famous people who did everything "with one left" is amazing:

Test - how to determine the leading hand

To determine the knowing hand of a person can be determined already from 5-6 years. The test is determined regardless of whether you write with your left or right hand.

Methods of determining the leading hand

Put your hands in the lock. Right—handed people have the thumb of the right hand on top, left-handed people have the left:

the finger of the leading hand


Fold your arms at chest level. The left-handed have the left hand on top of the right forearm, the right-handed have the right hand on the left forearm:

brush of the leading hand


Applaud. The leading hand will be on top:

brush of the leading human hand


Wind up the clock[ru]. The ignorant hand is holding the watch, the leading one is winding it up:

Human working guiding Hand


Draw a circle without looking with your right hand, and draw a square with your left hand. Then repeat the opposite. The leading hand is considered to be the one with which you drew the most accurate figures:

leading hand of man


Draw a circle on paper without looking. Right-handed people draw counterclockwise, and left-handed people draw clockwise:

Drawing with the leading hand


Congratulations and poems about "Lefty's Day"

I congratulate you today
Only special people —
Those who do everything left,
After all, today is the Day of Lefties.

Happy holidays to you guys!
I wish you not to get sick,
And all the troubles and tribulations
One left to destroy.


You're left-handed, and that's cool!
They say that the mindset
Lefties have such an unusual,
My head is spinning.

You are a feature of nature
Accept it with honor and pride.
And the talent that is given from God,
You are worthy to carry.

Yuri Suchkov:

All of us, to the delight of fools,
They have been beating their hands since childhood.
They taught me to put a notebook on the right,
With my right hand to write.

And God gave us the left one,
So that we shoe fleas.
We need to shoe a man*ovoshka —
It's easier than not giving a damn in the trash.

Even if there are not many of us on Earth,
We are in prisons and in the Kremlin,
In all unthinkable places —
And in Courchevel, and in the "Crosses".

Enemies are showing off for nothing:
That our brains are awry.
That everything is with us from the wrong hand —
Only fools think that way.

All this is a lie — that lefties
Without exception, drunks.
Perfectly owned the left
And Julius Caesar and Maxwell.

Isaac Newton was left-handed
And Bonaparte Napoleon.
Albert Einstein was left - handed,
And the cop is a Capercaillie, and Clinton Bill.

Paul McCartney became so happy,
Holding the neck with his right hand,
And if everything were "like people",
That's b * *en to you, and not "Estudey".

And wouldn 't you have
A night with Angelina Jolie
That's because everyone is left-handed,
They are very good in bed.

They come in from the left, they hit from the left
And the White House, and Hollywood.
Here — Demi Moore, there — Tomas Cruz,
Keanu Reeves, Willis Bruce.

Obama and Fidel Castro,
Mark Twain, Wells, Marilyn Monroe,
And that you don't write about them
Lefties, they're left-handed in everything.

We can draw with our left,
And she also nails to hammer,
And throw pebbles on the left,
And where it itches, scratch.

And we have all this kuchmala —
Quite familiar things,
All because we are left—handed,
At least you gut us, s* ka!

We have everything on the left side,
We only see colored dreams.
No one will take it away from us
The ability to live[ru] one step ahead.


Let you write with your left hand —
We have such a special one,
Know the main thing, you, our lefty,
You have the kindest soul!

Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci,
Aristotle and Friedrich Nietzsche,
Vladimir Dahl and Charlie Chaplin,
Otto Bismarck, Benjamin Franklin!
What personalities! You're not alone!
Rejoice, friend, don't be shy!
Good luck to you! Happy Lefties Day!


I will congratulate you,
I wish you one left
It's up to you to solve the problems.

Nature has rewarded
A special talent for you,
Are there any artists among you,

I wish all lefties
Go through life boldly,
May happiness come to you
Both on the right and on the left.


Bright people have a holiday today,
The day of lefties has come beautiful,
We congratulate you from the bottom of our
Let the silver door open into the fairy tale,
After all, your peculiarity is so brilliant,
the Great Ones were as unique as you are,
So that in
life[ru] you were number one,
And conquered more peaks
We wish you Siberian
To make you happy every day!

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